by David Covucci on April 28, 2014


In widely counterintuitive news, it appears the longer your erect penis is, the more likely it is your wife will cheat on you.

HUH? You would think a good dickin’ is what would keep the missus happy. But apparently not, at least according to a study by PLOSONE (whatever the fuck that is (a science journal, I assume)).

Domestic violence, denial of a preferred sex positions, longer erect penis, younger age and increased sexual satisfaction were the main predictors of women’s involvement in extra-marital partnerships.

Let’s break those down one by one, leaving penis size aside for a moment.

Domestic violence: If you hit your wife, she might be more inclined to leave you. Makes sense.

Denial of a preferred sex positions: If she wants it doggy, you best be giving it to her doggy.

Younger age: Yea, everybody wants to fuck hot, underage tail. I can get behind that.

Increased sexual satisfaction: Duh. If you can get it better elsewhere, go get it.

But longer penis size? My guess is guys with big dicks don’t work nearly as hard. Ha. Hard.

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