by Andy Moore on April 1, 2013

10. Google

Google made $705 trillion last year, so it's cool with spending a ton of money on professionally done April Fool's Day jokes. Of which there are several. The first is Google Nose, a search by smell feature that would revolutionize the porn industry.

The second is a new “treasure mode” feature on Google Maps.

And… the third is Google's new “Gmail Blue,” a perfect satirization of the Apple product launches.

9. Reddit's R/Murica

… Has been turned into R/France. One link titled “FOOTBALL” leads to this oppressive mockery of the real beautiful game.

8. Twitter

Want to use vowels on Twitter? It'll cost you five bucks a month. The most RT'd tweet in history, above, just got weird.

7. The Pirate Bay

Gotta say I didn't really see this one coming: The torrent masters at The Pirate Bay got in the April Fools Day game, changing its name to “The Freedom Bay,” and announcing that its (illegal) servers have been moved to the United States. Even the seedy side of the Internet has a sense of humor.

6. Imgur 

… Now has a “snail mail” option. (I found this too similar to YouTube's DVD prank last year.)

5. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor has put out an April Fool's Day prank ever since I can remember going to the site (probably seven years ago now). This year's isn't their strongest effort—they've put up a fake New York Times-esque paywall on their landing page—but we'll give 'em bonus points for believability.

4. YouTube

YouTube got together some of the video giant's biggest stars, including Antoine Dodson and the shockingly old Charlie Bit My Finger kids, to announce a new endeavor to find the absolute best video on the site. The millions of losers will all have their videos deleted.

3. The Chive

Our friends at The Chive have been taken over by Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman, and the trigger-happy lunatics of North Korea. Come for the “Daily Morning Everything is Glorious All the Time” picture dump, stay for sexy shots of the lovely ladies of the DPRK.

2. Funny or Die

Funny or Die hit the nail on the head: 90's nostalgia is big business. So, they've announced plans to crowd-source the online return of some of the decade's seminal TV shows, including a personal favorite, Darkwing Duck.

I know this is a prank, but…. would anyone else chip in for more Darkwing Duck?

1. Hulu

This is great. Hulu is advertising fake shows within shows (like the Simpsons' “Itchy and Scratchy” and Parks and Recreation's “Ya Heard with Perd”) on their landing page. The text advertising “Itchy and Scratchy” is especially funny: “Watch the most violent, beloved children's series of all time.”

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