by Boatshoe Bobby on October 22, 2012

Okay, you're ready for this.



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One If By Land, Two if By Find Her, via The Chive


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The Hottest Women of Primetime TV, via Ranker:


Things You Do On The Internet When You're Drunk, via DoubleViking:

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10 Photos of Slightly Awkward Randomness, via I Am Bored:


20 Hottest Photos of Eva Green, via Heavy:


10 Dumb Suggestions for Naming Adele's Baby Boy, via TruTV:


Not something you want to see on your car, via


10 Ways to Make the Presidential Debates More Exciting, via CollegeHumor:


7 Great 'SNL' Sketches from Simultaneous Hosts/Musical Guests, via Uproxx:


Sexy Video of Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg, via Guyism:


Insane Pictures of a Suborbital Spacecraft Coming in 2013, via RSVLTS:


10 Halloween Games that Are Still Scary, via Mandatory:


Meet Belgian Model Tanja Dexters, via Celebslam:


Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Horror Movie Sets, via Izismile:


15 Reasons Chris Brown Supporters are the Worst, via HyperVocal:


Maxim's Exotic Beauties, via Maxim:


48 Smoking Hot Girls, via The Chive:

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