by J. Camm on November 10, 2013

Poor stockphoto model, little did she know when she posed for a photo as a construction worker that some derelict like myself would twist the photo into her being prepared to get the shit bukaked out of her. But I did…By the grace of God, I did. 

According to Daily Mail:

A bill called AB640, which requires condoms on porn shoots by law, is currently stalled in the Senate. 

However, the new 21-page draft may also require actors to have sex during porn while wearing safety goggles. 

The OSHA claims goggles will avoid semen from entering the eyes, a body part susceptible to diseases such as HIV and Chlamydia.

Salon reports that according to OSHA's deputy chief of health Deborah Gold, barrier methods such as condoms and eye protection are already technically required on porn shoots. Few porn companies adhere to those standards.

If the new guidelines are deemed mandatory, there may be a trial period in which actors can ditch the 'barrier method' during oral sex. The safety rules would be reconsidered again in 2018 and either kept or discontinued.

Candidly, I understand what these lawmakers are trying to do — SAVE HUMAN LIVES — but just like any athlete who steps onto a field or a construction worker (bringing this full circle, folks) who hangs high on a skyscraper to do his/her job, porn stars are aware of the consequences when they step on to the set. Getting an STD or eyeball chlamydia or a eternally loose asshole is just a potential hazard of the job. A job they chose to do. Over and over and over again. So if they're cool with it. You should be cool with it…I'm sorry, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, quit trying to water down my porn, you lawmaker shitheads.

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