by J. Camm on June 18, 2012

According to the Daily Mail:

A wannabe singer and former stripper that has confessed to having sex with more than 177 men claims that 'deep down women want to be just like her'.

Biannca Lake, 28, who once auditioned for X Factor with a girl group called Dice, denied that she was a slut and said people who criticised her were 'just jealous'.

She revealed her candid thoughts on love and marriage during a new TV show and said she has no intention of settling down like millions of other couples.

'Some girls do think I'm a slut but deep down they want to be like me,' she said.

'And lots of girls are like me, but I'm upfront about it. I'm like, “I banged you, I banged your mate last night and I'm banging your mate tonight”. I'm ruthless when I meet someone.'

Last year Biannca also allegedly bedded a drug-fuelled Frankie Cocozza who reportedly filmed her performing a solo sex act and later showed the footage to aghast fans.


Standing second from right appropriately wearing the “I got f*cked within an inch of my life last night” look on her face.

J. Camm

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