by Brandon Wenerd on September 20, 2011

According to The Sun, he's fathered over 50 children with four women — two of which were sisters –and admits he doens't know all of their names. He even implies there could be more.

The plucky OAP said of fathering the mammoth brood: “The thing that God made best in the world was woman.” Luiz had 17 children with first wife Francisca. After she died, the lucky Brazilian found love again and had another 17 children with Maria Francisca da Silva, 64. When Maria got her sister Ozelita to help with getting the kids dressed and fed, Luiz struck up a relationship with her too. The 58-year-old then gave him another 15 children. Even the sister's mother was not safe. Francisca Maria, 89, succ*mbed to Luiz's charms — and had one child with him. Some of the children died during a poverty-stricken childhood but the others gave Luiz, from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, more than 100 grandkids and 30 great-grandchildren.

His quotes to The Sun are gold:

“I could have other children out there that I don't know about because I've always liked making love. I don't know all their names. I hardly make love anymore these days, even though I'm in good health. But I still remember how wonderful it is to be in bed with a woman.”

And here's what his women have to say:

Second wife Maria Francisca added: “Luiz's only hobby was making love. He never mistreated us, he always looked after his children well and we never wanted for anything.”

What a boss. Just look at that swag. This man absolutely needs to be in our My Dad is a Bro sequel, “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” edition.

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