by J. Camm on October 25, 2011

According to WXYZ:

On Friday Leo Sharp was pulled over about a mile west of Chelsea by Michigan State Police for improper lane use and following too closely.

During the stop the trooper asked for permission to search the truck, but Sharp declined. A dog was then brought to the scene and tipped the troopers to narcotics in the back of the truck. The troopers searched the bed and found four black bags each containing 25 bricks and a small gray and blue back containing four bricks. Sharp was arrested.

Officials say the drugs have a wholesale value of more than $2.9 million. It's not clear what the street value is, but police say it is substantially higher. Sharp has been charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine.

So the street value is more than $2.9 million. Anyone know what that number would be? I'm. Just. Curious. Whatever the amount is, it's untaxed and enough for most of us to retire on. I mean, Leo Sharp certainly could, he's got two feet in the f*cking grave — just needs someone to shovel on the dirt. Makes you question why he chose to do this so late in life. He should be busy steaming his death suit, not running a drug ring. 


J. Camm

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