by Victoria McKenzie on October 7, 2013

1. If You’re Not Wearing Pants that Fit, You’re Doing It Wrong

Hey there, Justin Bieber wannabe. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’ve recently lost weight and haven’t bought new clothes because you live in constant fear of gaining the weight back. That’s easier for me to accept than you actually enjoying the baggy-pants look. But either way, you’re forced to keep adjusting your pants in public because they’re constantly about to fall off and pool around your ankles. Time for an upgrade. If the reason is because you lost weight, donate all your “fat” clothes to charity. If you’re just a fan of looking like the Biebs, realize that people will take you more seriously as an adult if you wear pants that fit you properly. Go pick up a pair and invest in a belt.

2. If All of Your Clothes are Black, White or Gray, You’re Doing It Wrong

Even if you’re known for being well-dressed in high-end labels and impeccably tailored blazers, a wardrobe built solely around neutral colors is boring. Personal style is about expressing your individuality. Black, white and grey are completely unoriginal. Incorporate pops of color into your look with belts, shoes, watches, ties and pocket squares to ease your way into expanding your color palette. One big trend right now is crazy dress socks. When you cross your legs and an awesome sock peeps out from underneath, boom: High fashion.

3. If You’ve Been Doing the Same Workout for Years, You’re Doing It Wrong

Working out daily or at least four times a week is an absolute must. If you’ve been doing that, you’re on the right path. But sticking to the same routine day after day will not a hot body make. Your muscles adapt to your workout and the muscles you’re not targeting will become weaker. Change up your workout every four to six weeks by making small changes like cross training, trying a new machine at the gym or throwing in different strength-building moves to target muscles you don’t usually train.

4. If You Pick-Up or Order in Lunch Daily, You’re Doing It Wrong

Sure, ordering from the deli near your office is convenient but it’s not doing your waistline, energy levels or skin any favors. Regularly chowing down on greasy, high-sodium food is not going to have you feeling your best. Brown-bag your lunch at least three times a week. Tossing together a healthy lunch will take a mere 15 minutes of extra time in the morning and makes a big improvement in your appearance and the way you feel. Not a morning person? Pack plenty of greens and lean protein the night before and grab it the next day on your way out the door.

5. If You’ve Never Used Tweezers on Your Face, You’re Doing It Wrong

Very few people in your life will love you enough to tell you that the hairs sprouting from your ears and nose are visible and disgusting. If no one has informed you yet, I will be that person. Clean yourself up. Unruly ear and nose hair are a major turnoff to women, so take five minutes and rectify the situation with a pair of tweezers. Once a week, stand in front of your mirror, grab any offending hairs at their base and yank them out quickly and decisively. Don’t bitch that it hurts. Women get Brazilian waxes for you. Be a man.

6. If Your Skin Looks Reptilian, You’re Doing It Wrong

Flaky skin suggest that your skin is extremely dry and dehydrated. A parched face is particularly unflattering because it means your skin tone will be dull or blotchy and it makes fine lines and wrinkles even more pronounced. If the extent of your skincare regimen is washing your face, you need an upgrade. You should be exfoliating daily to slough off dry skin cells and moisturizing to keep the refreshed layer of skin hydrated. Add those two steps twice a day, drink your eight glasses of water and you’ll be golden.

7. If You Don’t Have a Signature Cologne, You’re Doing It Wrong

The right cologne is like catnip for the ladies. And yes, I’m refraining from making a dirty joke about a slang word for vagina that links to that catnip reference. Switching up your usual cologne every once in a while is a commendable experiment, but there's something to be said for having a signature. Scent is sense most strongly linked to memory, so any time your girl smells that cologne she will link it to you. Keep in mind that the scent should be subtle and something she can only smell when she’s really close to you. Spritz on pulse points on your neck and your wrists. If your cologne enters a room before your do, you are so doing it wrong.



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