by BroBible Staff on March 18, 2013

25 Unreal Athletes Who Aren't in High School Yet, via Bleacher Report:

An Interview with a Porn Location Scout, via Uproxx:

20 Hottest Girls in Sports Bras, via Heavy:

10 Most Shocking Live TV Moments, via Mandatory:

Meet the Hot New Roxy Surf Models, via RSVLTS:

Mind the Gap on These 40 Girls, via The Chive:

6 Ways Your Job Application is Getting Screwed, via Cracked:

St. Patrick's Day vs. The Morning After, via CollegeHumor:

27 Crazy Awesome NCAA Tournament Moments, via TruTV:

Drunk Girl Has Embarrassing Freakout During St. Patrick's Day Celebration, via Guyism:

15 Famous People Who Lost the V-Card Before 15, via YourTango:

Penis Stealing is 'On the Rise,' via Huffington Post Weird News:

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