by David Covucci on January 21, 2014

And it is massive. New York City is expecting a foot of snow. Philadelphia: 10 inches. D.C.: 8. New England? Who fucking knows. I don't have time to research this shit. Whatever amount it is, I'm sure it's enough to make a gigantic snow penis. And that's why I'm here. And you, too. For BroBible's 2014 Epic Snow Penis Contest Giveaway-Fest 

What is it? Well, it's a contest to see which of our readers can make the greatest snow penis EVER. See the one photo? Bullshit. I want snow penises nine times that size. I want a snow penis you can see from the International Space Station. I want a snow penis that will last longer than Stonehenge. I want you to change the snow penis game. Then send it to me and hopefully win a magic mystery box of BroBible stuff.

What's in the box? Who knows? It could be a fork from our kitchen. It might be JCamm's severed head. (It could also be five American Flag BroBible Tanks). Submit using the form below. Penises will be judged on creativity, awesomeness, EPICNESS and how fucking cool they are. They will be judged by me (@DavidCovucci) and our guest judge, the HyperVocal's Marisa Kabas (@MarisaKabas). We are easily bribed. 

UPDATE: We will take snow boobs, too! 

David Covucci

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