by Brandon Wenerd on April 29, 2014


Believe it or not, this didn’t happen in Florida. Oregon, actually! These three girls were spotted twerking on City Hall in the middle of the afternoon. You know, just a casual MONDAY afternoon, natch:

Beaverton police said Coura Velazquez showed up at municipal court to pay a fine for a warrant, and that’s when she and her two friends left the building and began “twerking” in front of City Hall near the municipal court windows.

Velazquez and Brittney Medak, who are both from Vancouver, exposed their genitals while twerking, and Medak went on to lift her skirt and urinate between two cars, a police spokesman told FOX 12.

Of course, since this is 2014, the other girl not twerking was filming the other two twerking. Kids these days!

According to police, the third woman, 22-year-old Leokham Yothsombath, filmed the entire incident with her cell phone. Several court employees were watching, too, and when the group left City Hall, they were stopped by a Beaverton police officer on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway just west of Southwest Griffith Street.

Once Medak gave police consent to search her car, they found evidence of several drug-related crimes, the police spokesman said.

So what did the cops find? Oh, the usual for girls who twerk on city hall in the afternoon: Meth, weed, and little cocaine.

Ladies… It’s only Monday! I’m terrified what your Saturday nights are like.


[H/T: Daily Dot]


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