by Reggie Noble on November 15, 2012

The photos are a source of aggravation for parents.

One of the pictures, which was posted on Facebook, shows what appears to be a female stripper straddling a teenager. Her legs wrapped tightly around his face.

It happened at Spare Time bowling alley in South Glens Falls.

Parents of a child who was turning 16 apparently hired two strippers as a birthday present and invited the boy's friends—boys and girls— to the surprise party.

It seems the parents of the guests got a huge unwelcome surprise when they found out what happened.

A person claiming to be the mother of a 15-year-old who attended the party, sent a letter to The Post-Star, anonymously, saying she was shocked when her son told her about the lap dances given to teens.

“Obviously we're very concerned about this kind of conduct if it happened the way we believe it happened,” said Jim Murphy, Saratoga County District Attorney.

Holy shit, these people are the best-worst parents ever. I can’t imagine a middle-aged man convincing his wife something like this was a good idea. He must have the debating skills of James Carville. And he’s probably just as weird.


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