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105 Problems You Can Have on Twitter

By 03.05.13

Perhaps the most simultaneously annoying and interesting trend, though, is the move toward every one and their 12-year-old sister dedicating an account to a “problem.” The mania started innocuously. Acccounts were created for problems that millions of people go through daily—post-grad problems, college problems, athlete problems. This was fine. But then we watched these accounts spread. And grow. And become incoherent.

Suddenly, there was a Twitter profile for every kind of entitled, first-world problem you could possibly think of. Many of the accounts weren't about problems at all—just collections of quotes ripped from Katt Williams parody accounts or listings of different types of clothing brands. And the ones that did continue to list problems? For every one that told you about a problem unique to the situation (“Our library closes at 8 p.m. #collegeproblem”) there were 10 that didn't (“Tired #collegeproblem”).

It's time to catalog this weird, weird trend. Below is a rundown of the many, many problems you can find on Twitter. Some of these accounts are truly awful. Some are gems and should be worth a follow. 

All, though, are strict adherents of today's No. 1 Internet pastime: Whining. Enjoy.

1. High School Problems

2. Senior '13 Problems

3. College Problems

4. Student Problems

5. Abroad Problems

6. Post Grad Problems

7. Frat Problems

8. Frat Star Problems

9. Gay Frat Problems

10. Sratty Problems

11. Sorority Problems

12. Greek Girl Problems

(So yeah, this is actually “Greek” Greek. My bad.)

13. Prep Problems

14. Prep Girl Problems

15. Prep Bro Problems

16. 90s Girl Problems

17. 90s Boy Problems

18. 20s Problems

19. White Girl Problems

20. Black Girl Problems

21. Blonde Girl Problems

22. Brunette Problems

23. Bitch Problems

24. Pretty Girl Problems

25. Ugly Girl Problems

26. Cocky Girl Problems

27. Tall Girl Problems

28. Short Girl Problems

29. Stoner Girl Problems

30. Goth Girl Problems

31. Irish Girl Problems

32. Drunk Girl Problems (Same thing?)

33. Big Boob Problems

34. Flat Girl Problems

35. Single Problems

36. Boyfriend Problems

37. Single Girl Problems

38. Single Guy Problems

39. Slutty Girl Problems

40. Slutty Man Problems

41. Trendy Problems

42. Band Problems

43. Hipster Problems

44. Theatre Kid Problems

45. Anxiety Problems

46. Party Problems

47. Big Kid Problems

48. Ginger Problems

49. Alcoholic Problems

50. Male Nurse Problems


51. Jewish Boy Problems

52. Jewish Girl Problems

53. Bar Staff Problems

54. McDonalds Problems

55. Pastor Problems

56. Leo Problems

57. Jay-Z 99 Problems

(This is actually the worst parody account I've ever seen.)

58. Small Town Problems

59. Southern Problems

60. Catholic Problems

61. Mormon Problems

62. Uh, Mermaid Problems

63. Duke Problems

64. UNC Problems

65. University of Texas Problems

66. UGA Problems

67. Notre Dame Problems

68. UConn Problems

69. UF Problems

70. Michigan Problems

71. Texas Tech Problems

72. Kentucky Problems

73. Canadian Problems

74. Asian Problems

75. Indian Problems

76. Lebanese Problems

77. Arab Problems

78. Rhode Island Problems

79. Ohio Problems

80. California Problems

81. Illinois Problems

82. Southern Illinois Problems

83. Texas Girl Problems

84. New York City Girl Problems

85. Brooklyn Girl Problems

86. Westchester Problems

87. First World Problems

88. Rich World Problems


89. Athlete Problems

90. Basketball Problems

91. Baseball Problems

92. Golf Problems

93. Gym Rat Problems

94. Skating Problems

95. Hockey Problems

96. Tennis Problems

97. D1 Lax Problems

98. D-Mid Problems

(Jesus Christ, that's specific.)

99. Just Plain Lacrosse Problems

100. Snap Chat Problems

101. Temple Run Problems

102. Call of Duty Problems

103. Madden Problems

104. The Sims Problems


105. Life Problems


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