by J. Camm on December 31, 2012

I don't how how the rest of you will remember twenty-twelve but for me I'll always look back at it as the year I read the “Hunger Games” trilogy. (Did we need the last book? We did not.) Just kidding, I forgot I even read that trilogy until a commercial reminded me as I was writing this and I felt the need to brag about my literacy. Anyway…for me, 2012 will be remembered as a violent one, a year we all learned we're never really that safe. From anything. The unimaginable happened time and time again in our country: Nature shook us, avoidable tragedies rocked us, a man ATE ANOTHER MAN'S FACE, the word/name “Sandy” became no one's friend, and we're starting the new year dangling off a fucking cliff. So we've got that going for us.

That doesn't mean 2012 was without its highlights, there were plenty — we had a presidential election, there were numerous jaw-dropping moments in sport, a man jumped from space without dying, and we learned Mark Wahlberg is our ACE IN THE HOLE next time there is a terrorist attack — but outside of the obvious ones and anything that happened in my personal life, the national lowlights of twenty-twelve are what I'll remember most about the year. That may be a function of consuming more insane, what-the-fuck-did-I-just-read news (Thank you, Daily Mail) than one person should, but that's part of my job and a necessary evil. However, tonight we get to hit that sweet, sweet Reset Button. It may not change our lives, but it refreshes our perspective, and sometimes you just need that. So here's to not plunging down the fiscal cliff tomorrow, no more senseless face-eating, and for 2013 to be one for the goddamn ages. Have a great New Year's Eve, Bros. God willing you'll all start 2013 off with a bang…

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That does it for me this year. See you on the other side.