Guys Tries to Pick Up Girls with a Bugatti Veyron That’s Not His

People are shallow pricks who are overly impressed by status symbols. Big surprise, right?

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Aspiring to do nothing is still aspiring to do something.

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What a hot movie.

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The hair color of champions...and leprechauns.

These Two Lifehacks Will Undoubtedly Help You Throw the Ultimate End-of-Summer Party

A few weeks ago, with the help of mike’s hard lemonade, Woven threw an epic house party in Chicago¬†featuring¬†music from […]

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Will score you mad points.

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Moose said the era's over.

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Your skull, corner pocket.

This Precocious Young Boy Went OFF On His Mom For Getting Pregnant

Awwww, he's a little abortion activist.

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It wasn't Tom Brokaw. Dude doesn't liked giving dome.

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You can tell a lot about a man by the type of beer he drinks.

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Having a gun in your face isn't so fun when it's a real one!

Study: Chill, Pot Smoking Dudes Don’t Commit Domestic Violence

Yea, brah.

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Total M. Night Shyamalan right here.

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Easy as one, two, three, ya perv.

20 Names Women Hate Being Called by Men (And Also 20 They Love)

If this is confusing, just continue calling her by saying, "hey you."

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Miley is hanging out with a WANTED man who pretends to be homeless.

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Attn: DENIS CIMAF, You Need to Let Me Drive One of Your Forestry Mulchers

These things are awesome.

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