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Come one, come all! We've got trophies just for showing up!

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Every man, no matter how much they bench press, has a deep dark romantic comedy guilty pleasure.

This Dog Has No Idea What a Dial-Up Modem Is

Stupid puppies need the most attention.

People Who Post Their Entire Lives on Facebook Suck, But Sometimes They Provide You With Shit Like This

I have no idea what's going on in this video.

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Things just went up a notch.

Girlfriend Tries To Frame Her Boyfriend By Throwing Herself Out Of A Moving Car

Not a good look for this chick.

I Hooked Up With My Female Friend And Now She Won’t Talk To Me, What Do I Do?


Two Bros Learn Not To Put Their Dick In Crazy Cus Their Cars Got TRASHED By The SAME GIRL A Year Apart

Let this be a lesson to all of you.

School Bully Starts A Fight That He Can’t Quite Finish

What happened to bullies being the biggest kids in the school?

Screw Nursery Rhymes — This 2-Year-Old Rattles Off WWE Entrance Themes Like a Champ

Meet 2-year-old Beckett Sage — a lifelong WWE fan birthed with the amazing ability to match the wrestler with his […]

This Hilarious Video Makes Fun of Basic White Girls Who Say ‘Can’t Even’

"You're more perf than Starbucks and yoga pants." Coming from a basic white girl, that's pretty perf.

Man Hands Out Free Cupcakes and Brownies Outside a NYC Gym

There are two things yuppie New Yorkers are obsessed with: Artisan, freshly baked cupcakes and working those calories off with whatever trendy fitness routine

Supercut of Every Death in Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Shows Every Death in Every Quentin Tarantino Movie


Cop In Ferguson Pointed His Gun at Protestors Last Night and Said, ‘I Will Fucking Kill You’ (w/Video)

This is NOT a good look, Ferguson. Really not a good look at all.

24 Questions You Should Actually Ask On A First Date

"Do you hashtag when you text?" Because if you do, that's a dealbreaker.

The Ultimate Bro Is Using Only Patrick Bateman Quotes When Talking To Girls On Tinder

I have to return some videotapes.

Guy’s Parents Caught Him Dry Humping His Girlfriend, Then They Lost Their Goddamn Minds

This is certainly one way to go about sweeping everything under the rug.

Four-Minute Video About Brain Implants Will Make You Terrified For the Future of Humanity

Very terrified. Veryfied

Of Course You Wanna See Two Seemingly Drunk Aussie Ladies Fight Each Other On Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks are the battleground of choice for Brits.

Throwing Boiling Water on Your Boyfriend’s Penis is Never the Appropriate Retaliation for Him Cheating On You

Stop it.

Wanna Barf? Jagermeister-Flavored Poutine Exists

Terrible idea.

Psst. Hey. You, Over Here. You Wanna See This Fish Eat This Shark?

You wanna?

10 Biggest Pussy Moves in Presidential History

There’s always been contention about who are the best and worst presidents in American history. For the best, a certain […]

10 Best Summer Party Towns in America

It can’t be denied that summer is always better with a drink in hand, music playing in the background and responsibility nowhere to be found.

These Passengers On A Shanghai Subway Had A Very Interesting Reaction To A Guy Fainting

And by interesting, I mean hilariously callous

George W. Bush Did the Ice Bucket Challenge, Because Dubya Still Knows How to Party

"I do not think it's presidential for me to be splashed with ice water."

‘I’m Gucci, You Polo’ – This Kid Stunts So Hard On His Friend

I just realized I'm not Gucci, and I'm devastated.

This Russian Motorcycle Crash Has the Most INSANE Ending Ever

I don't... I can't... I just...

Why Super Smash Brothers Is The Only Skill You Need To Not Be A Loser In College

I was not, and still am not, cool.