KFC Is Bringing the Double-Down BACK, Because Publicity

The world goes round and round and round.

Man Claims He’s Allergic to Kim Kardashian, Vomits When He Sees Her

We don't think there's an actual medical reason for this.

5 Ways to Get Thinner Without Really Trying

It’s Sunday, and a fresh self-loathing skillet is being served at the “I’ve Let Myself Go Café,” conveniently located on the corner of Hungover and

India Has Such a Big People-Shitting-In-Public Problem That They Had to PSA to Ask them to Stop

Here's a stat that blew my mind: 600 million people in India are doing the majority of their shitting in public.

Come Party with BroBible and Use JagerBonds in Brooklyn on Thursday Night

Bros. If you are in Brooklyn next Thursday night, April 17, the BroBible editorial team will be out at Brooklyn Bowl...

Here Is the Still Thoroughly Insane Steve-O Using a Jellyfish as a Hat

Steve-O, still crazy after all these years.

Bro Tries to Take a Selfie Right Next to a Moving Train, Conductor Teaches Him a Lesson

Some of the the best lessons in life are taught with violence.

A Guide to Pulling Off the Perfect Vine or Instagram Prank

Everything you've ever wanted to know about making a prank video that's so good, we might actually post about it here on BroBible.

Evil Texting Driver Hits a Bicyclist, Says She Doesn’t Care

Well, it's time to call it a day, Internet. We've finally found the worst person in the world.

Awesome New Study Says Lots of Women Are Bisexual


Here’s a Vine of a Wannabe White Gangsta Who Doesn’t Know How to Use a Handgun

So hard.

What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Vegas: 15 Secret Confessions of the Vegas Party Life

Las Vegas is a city that will absolutely bring you to your knees if you let it.  Temptations are everywhere, [...]

USAirways Will Not Fire the Person Responsible for Its Vagina Plane Tweet

USAirways called the incident an honest mistake.

Here Is What $110 Million In Cocaine Looks Like

Holy crap.

7 Psychotic Pieces of Relationship Advice from ‘Cosmo’

Have you dusted hot chili powder on the insides of your partner's underwear because he/she was grooming better?

Person on Craigslist is Selling Gently Used Boeing 777 Model Airplane…HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

I think we've seen this EXACT model airplane somewhere. Oh yeah...we have.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting A Second Date

How not to blow it the first time.

The Harsh Reality Of Making Friends As a Post-Grad Adult

It's true: Once your college glory days are behind you, making friends in adulthood is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy different than what it was in college, when all

5 Tips Every Bro Should Know To Look Like A Gentleman

For those who are just leaving college, here are BroBible's 5 tips for how to look like your inner gentleman.

A New Study Has Determined What Kind of Adult Movies Women Like Best

You know you want to know.

Irish Boy Suffers Heart Attack After Intense Testicle Squeezing

It's okay to involuntarily cup your balls while reading about this story. We all did, too.

The Reasons Why We All Secretly Love New Jersey

With shows like the Jersey Shore and Sopranos NJ has always gotten a bad reputation. People think it’s nothing but Guidos running around calling girls

Domino’s Now Has a Pizza That Uses Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

Yes, you read that right.

Some Saint Rounded Up Stories About What Sex is Like On Every Drug

Well isn't this thoughtful?

12 Revealing Facts About Your Underwear

I just learned so much about the jock strap. Also… Apparently Bros don’t like washing their underwear. Gross, dudes. Clean [...]

More Pets Are Showing Up High On Marijuana, Vets Say

Apparently dogs like eating your marijuana stash, Bros, so be careful where you're keeping that 'ish.

Science! Has Discovered the Age We Physically and Mentally Peak

Bad news for the "peaked-in-high-school" crowd.

This Lady Has the Greatest ‘To Make a Long Story Short’ Story Ever

This sassy black lady's jelly bean story is well worth the next 34-seconds of your life.

More Teenagers Are Now Tweeting Bomb Threats at American Airlines

This is a thing now.

World Trade Center Parachutist Faces Felony Charges, Couldn’t Care Less

32-year-old boss James Brady was an ironworker for five years on the World Trade Center before BASE jumping off it.