This Tiny, Hopping Piglet Is Where It’s at Today

He knows a three-day weekend is coming up.

Bored? Watch Yourself the Best News Bloopers of August


I Wanna Party With This Wasted Dude Who Got Stuck Under An ATM’s Glass Door

Sharing your hangover with the fire department is the worst.

7 #Brotips Every Bro Must Obey This Fall

Fall has an energy like no other.

In Light of USC Star Josh Shaw’s Big Lie, Here Are the Biggest Lies You Tell/Told/Or Will Tell

The fish was this big.

These Russians Using Heavy Machinery To Catch Fish Makes Fishing Look 100x Less Boring

Fishing is boring. Heavy machinery is not.

Cleveland Police Officer In Hot Water After Pic Of Him Holding A Beer Bong For A Tailgater Surfaces

Didn't know you could get in trouble for being the man.

About to Be Suspended Kid Drops a ‘FHRITP’ During a School Assembly

I'm guessing one week.

Ultimate Bro Bill Murray Casually Decided To Check Tickets At A Minor League Game In Minnesota

Bill Murray killin' it as usual.

How Much Does McDonald Cost Around The World?

Ever wonder how much a Big Mac will put you back in Norway? Almost $8, which is nearly DOUBLE what it costs here in the

Look How Fast This Dog Can Walk On His Front Two Legs

He's world record good.

This Dude Died From Chowin’ Down On Underwear Soaked In MethAdone


This Little Monkey Boning A Duck Is A Grade-A Freak

I guess bestiality exists even when you're an animal.

It’s Friday Before A Long Weekend, So Here’s A Dude Chowing Down On His Own Beard

Beard: It's What's For Dinner.

Think You’ve Heard The Worst Dad Joke? Don’t Worry, This One Will Top It

Be happy this dude isn't your Dad.

Woman Eats Ice Cream. Bird Shits On Said Ice Cream. Woman’s Cameraman Lets Her Figure That Out the Hard Way

Day ruiner.

Is This Dude A Troll, Or The World’s Greatest Magician?

I can't decide.

Guys Tries to Pick Up Girls with a Bugatti Veyron That’s Not His

People are shallow pricks who are overly impressed by status symbols. Big surprise, right?

Tryna Get A Job Where You Work With Marijuana All Day? There’s An App For That

Dream job right here.

This Bro Started a GoFundMe Campaign So He Doesn’t Have to Work Anymore, Makes Very Compelling Case For Himself

Aspiring to do nothing is still aspiring to do something.

Oh, Eff These People Who Took a Post-Divorce Selfie

With a splintered stick.

8 Dream Vacations You Can Actually Afford

It is a myth that your dream vacation needs to cost an arm and a leg.

U.S. Soldier Wears a GoPro During a Firefight Against the Taliban in Afghanistan

The nightmarish realities of war is all too easily out-of-sight, out-of-mind for most Americans

These Siblings Were Arrested For Boning In A Church Parking Lot After Watching ‘The Notebook’

What a hot movie.

This Ginger Has Saved Hundreds Of Dollars By Using A Fake ‘Ginger Discount Card’

The hair color of champions...and leprechauns.

These Two Lifehacks Will Undoubtedly Help You Throw the Ultimate End-of-Summer Party

A few weeks ago, with the help of mike’s hard lemonade, Woven threw an epic house party in Chicago featuring music from […]

You Should Share This Vine of a Baby Lamb Bouncing About With Your Girlfriend

Will score you mad points.

7 Sentences You Definitely Won’t Overhear at College This Year

Unless you go to Loser University.

Abercrombie Is Removing the Logo From Its Clothes So You’ll Start Wearing Them Again

Moose said the era's over.

How a Bro’s Nickname Evolves

Happened to all of us.