10 Cheeses All Basic Bitches Love

Buy them for your girlfriend.

5 Things Bros Should Never Do on Instagram

Follow the arbitrary rules we've set up for you.

Some Pervy Hick Ruined The ‘Eager Beaver Bar’ Lingerie Nights By Trying To Kidnap A Panty-Poppin’ Bartender

Really. It's actually named "Eager Beaver Bar."

Wife Keeps Kinky, Kinky Sex Dairy of Her Sex Habits

This is way better than the husband that kept the Excel spreadsheet of the reasons his wife didn't have sex with him.

This Hot Bikini-Clad Floridian Was Arrested After Being Videotaped Having Sex On A Public Beach For Over 20 Minutes

If you're gonna get arrested for something, it might as well be this.

25 Reasons That Sitting Down All Day (AKA Having an Office Job) Is Killing You

In summation: We're all fucked.

This Chart Accurately Depicts What Everyone Does When They Can’t Hear What Someone Said to Them At a Bar

At this point, people sound like adults in Charlie Brown's life to me.

Vine Of a Grandma Twerking On Top of a Car Will Ruin Your Lunch

Were you hungry for lunch? Maybe stepping outside the office for a little Chipotle burrito bowl this afternoon?

What If Guys Acted on First Dates Like They Do on Tinder?

What if Tinder was real-life?

This Cocky 17-Year-Old Straight Up Merc’d This 34-Year-Old In A Street Fight

Ah, to be young again.

Bill Clinton Has a Mistress That His Secret Service Detail Refers to as the ‘Energizer’

"I am so shocked by this news." -Said no one ever, not even Hilary Clinton.

Maria Kirilenko Apparently Dumped Alex Ovechkin Over an Instagram Photo

Sounds sane.

What Girls Thought Sex Was (When They Were Younger)

No joke, a girl in this video says she was kinda, sorta into the R. Kelly...

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best Fails of 2014 (So Far)

Looks more like a WIN for the animal above.

Is This 7’1″ 8th Grader With a Buttery Jump Shot the Next Dirk Nowitzki?

His name is Connor Vanover and he is tall.

This Gynecologist Used A Camera Pen To Record OVER 8,000 VAGINAS

I don't think the Hippocratic oath mentions "secret vag videos" anywhere...?

Let This Documentary On ’80s High School Fashion Be a Reminder That Your Parents Had Swag

ONCE UPON A TIME they had swag.

Got Small Calves, Bro? Here Are 5 Steps to Help Them Grow

Tired of being top-heavy? Bored of being called ‘chicken legs’? Frustrated by useless calf development?

This ‘Satirical’ Video Of Obama Kicking Kim Jong Un Around Was Enough To Make Kim Jong Demand It Be ‘Taken Down’

Someone doesn't understand how the Internet works.

Science Says That If Your Girl Waxes Or Shaves Her Pubes, She’s More Likely To Get And Spread Herpes

I'm so torn.

Girls Reveal The Things They Absolutely Hate About Their Boyfriends

Bros: If you find a girlfriend who watches twerking videos with you, marry her.

Like Bacon? Like Beer? Want Those Things For Free?

We are here for you.

7 Experiences of the Only Black Guy at White Person Party, According to a Black Guy

The party is the cornerstone of any civilized society.

You’re Not Supposed To Tell People When You Poop? Watch This Video About What You Can’t Do If You’re Not A Toddler

I've been living my life completely wrong.

Alex Ovechkin Just Got Dumped

His fiancée called off the engagement.

A Condom that Kills HIV and Herpes Could Be Available Within Months. MONTHS!

A condom that kills HIV and Herpes? A condoms that kills HIV and Herpes!

Do You Live In The Happiest City In America? This Map Shows Where People Are Miserable And Where They Love Life

Well, looks like it's time to live in Louisiana.

Teenagers Are Taking Selfies at the 9/11 Memorial Too

Earlier this morning we showed you a selfie that a teenager took at Poland's infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, where hundreds of thousands of people lost

This Genius Bro’s Tinder Profile Uses Hilarious Cartoon Dinosaurs As A Pitch For A Threesome

If dinosaurs won't get you into a threesome, what will?

Two Old Guys Trying to Kick the Living Shit Out of Each Other Is a Stark Reminder that Aging Blows

Every so often, a video like this comes along and it reminds me about the fragility of youth.