Ex-Military Bro Asks: Can I Still Get Chicks and Party in College at 23-Years-Old?

Bros, we are doing a few college-specific Ask a Bro columns over the next few weeks and this here is a call out for those

McDonald’s Remakes Ronald McDonald With Cues From Heath Ledger’s Joker

He'll steal your Happy Meal only to burn it in front of you.

5 Arguments Couples Get Into That Would Never Have Happened 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago it was 2004.

10 Athletes Who Make the Most Endorsement Money

If nothing else, this serves as proof that having Vermont as the only state where you’re the most Googled athlete pays off BIG TIME.

President Obama Played Soccer With a Humanoid Robot, Watched It Dance

He, Robot.

Katy Perry Ruined a 5-Year-Old Kid’s Birthday Party

Scumbag Katy Perry, why do you have to dress up as a clown and make kids cry?

This Kid’s Epic ‘Let It Go’ FAIL Gives New Meaning to the Song

You will never hear this song the same way again. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...

Bro Breaks Up With His Girlfriend on Instagram Via a Hashtag. No, Seriously

She had to find out somehow, so why not Instagram?

Bro Stripped Naked and Started Doing Weird Shit On Top of His Tesla in the Middle of Traffic Yesterday

McConaughey, is that you?

What Girls Are Like Drunk vs. What Girls are Like Sober

When it comes to girls and booze, they can be Jekyll and Hyde.

Girl on Tinder Is Shaming Creepy Bros By Drawing Naked Pictures of Them

Artist Anna Gensler was on Tinder for six month, constantly be berated by Bros who she felt were objectifying her on the hook-up app.

Why What You Wear Is All About Sex

As the YouTube video says, "You can't get naked unless you put clothes on first."

9 Famous Thinkers Who Were Total Hypocrites

We're all hypocrites in a way.

Brazil Is Apparently Full of Osama Bin Laden-Themed Bars

Today in wait, what?

According to Vox, You Have Herpes; According to Esquire, You Don’t

Don't look at me. I don't know.

Sorry, Powdered Booze Not Approved After All

Good run while it lasted, Bros... As you were.

Wait, It Costs How Much to Attend the Average Wedding?

Prepare to be broke this summer.

11 Popular Songs the CIA Used to Torture Al Qaeda Prisoners in the War on Terror

Very fascinating article over at Policy Mic breaking down the specific songs the CIA and U.S. Military personnel used to psychologically torture terror suspects.

This Woman Makes Art By Squeezing Paint-Filled Eggs Out of Her Vagina

It seems like just yesterday I covered Vaginal Knitting and now we've got "PlopEgg Painting"

VIDEO: A Freelancer of Ours Recaps a Recent First Date

What girl wouldn't want to be treated to a steak dinner on day one?

Why You Use The Social Networks You Do

There is, in fact, method to this madness.

The Great Northern Jerk-Off Is An Exhilarating Event That Raises Money For Children

Where the hell is "Pervert Dave" when you need him? Oh, right...

The 8 Phases of Drinking Alone for Men vs. Women

Every once in a while you'll find yourself in a little predicament: It's Thursday night and you're all alone. Well, your dog is with you

Old Bay Beer Now Exists

Beer and cayenne pepper. Finally together.

Sore ‘Call of Duty’ Loser Calls SWAT Team on His Opponent’s Actual House

He was the victim of a real-life Eric Cartman.

Can We All Stop Talking About These Three Things?

Life can be a real miserable place. With family issues, roommates, and relationships everyone already has enough on their plate.

What Are Porn’s Most Searched for Occupations? PornHub Has the Answer

The trusty PornHub statisticians are at it again, culling data from billions of videos watched.

Watch a Group of BASE Jumpers Leap from the Top of the World’s Tallest Building

It's not enough for your country to build one of the world's tallest buildings.

A Bro’s Guide to Dancing

If you must.

Incredibly Drunk Irish Girls Act Like Incredibly Big Assholes in a Convenient Store

It's all fun and games until you start to destroy a random person's property.