Why What You Wear Is All About Sex

As the YouTube video says, "You can't get naked unless you put clothes on first."

9 Famous Thinkers Who Were Total Hypocrites

We're all hypocrites in a way.

Brazil Is Apparently Full of Osama Bin Laden-Themed Bars

Today in wait, what?

According to Vox, You Have Herpes; According to Esquire, You Don’t

Don't look at me. I don't know.

Sorry, Powdered Booze Not Approved After All

Good run while it lasted, Bros... As you were.

Wait, It Costs How Much to Attend the Average Wedding?

Prepare to be broke this summer.

11 Popular Songs the CIA Used to Torture Al Qaeda Prisoners in the War on Terror

Very fascinating article over at Policy Mic breaking down the specific songs the CIA and U.S. Military personnel used to psychologically torture terror suspects.

This Woman Makes Art By Squeezing Paint-Filled Eggs Out of Her Vagina

It seems like just yesterday I covered Vaginal Knitting and now we've got "PlopEgg Painting"

VIDEO: A Freelancer of Ours Recaps a Recent First Date

What girl wouldn't want to be treated to a steak dinner on day one?

Why You Use The Social Networks You Do

There is, in fact, method to this madness.

The Great Northern Jerk-Off Is An Exhilarating Event That Raises Money For Children

Where the hell is "Pervert Dave" when you need him? Oh, right...

The 8 Phases of Drinking Alone for Men vs. Women

Every once in a while you'll find yourself in a little predicament: It's Thursday night and you're all alone. Well, your dog is with you

Old Bay Beer Now Exists

Beer and cayenne pepper. Finally together.

Sore ‘Call of Duty’ Loser Calls SWAT Team on His Opponent’s Actual House

He was the victim of a real-life Eric Cartman.

Can We All Stop Talking About These Three Things?

Life can be a real miserable place. With family issues, roommates, and relationships everyone already has enough on their plate.

What Are Porn’s Most Searched for Occupations? PornHub Has the Answer

The trusty PornHub statisticians are at it again, culling data from billions of videos watched.

Watch a Group of BASE Jumpers Leap from the Top of the World’s Tallest Building

It's not enough for your country to build one of the world's tallest buildings.

A Bro’s Guide to Dancing

If you must.

Incredibly Drunk Irish Girls Act Like Incredibly Big Assholes in a Convenient Store

It's all fun and games until you start to destroy a random person's property.

Crazy Polish Dudes Build a Canon Out of a Trash Can. Guess What Happens Next?

Poland. Where you don't need an excuse to do idiotic things in broad daylight.

Wait…. The Idiot Train Selfie Guy Is Going to Make HOW MUCH MONEY?!?!?!?!

You've got to be kidding me.

Gmail Hacks That Will Save Your Inbox

Have a drunk e-mail that you regret sending to your boss? BRO.... THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. These Gmail hacks are lifesavers... Know them, live by

How Women Should Act on a Date, According to the Year 1938

Laughing at the sexism of yesteryear is always a blast.

Parents Dish on How They Know Their Kids Are Masturbating

And your childhood is ruined.

This Cop Is the Biggest Douchebag Cop Ever, Trips High School Kids Celebrating a Championship

What an insufferable douchelord.

Teenager Caught With Loaded Gun Stuffed Inside Her Vagina

Gives new meaning to the phrase conceal and carry.

4 Signs She’s Definitely Interested in You

If you think she is, she probably is.

How to Survive a Mandatory Dinner Party

Standing in my bathroom, I was starring back at true unhinged incompetence in the mirror.

Hilarious HBO Go Ads Perfectly Capture How Awkward It Is To Watch HBO With Your Parents

HBO has some fun with its new YouTube commercials advertising HBO Go. It's perhaps the most self-aware advertising campaign I've ever watch.

Bro Hilariously Reads Poem That Is Quite Literally a Countdown to a Million

How long would you just sit there while a guy numbered to a million?