6 Insane Sex Myths (That Are Actually True)

It turns out that some of those ridiculous sex myths turned out to be terrifyingly close to the truth.

‘Bagged’ — The New Dating Show That’s Sure To Give People Nightmares

If only there were a dating show which mixed the nightmare fuel that is the blue man group with the […]

Would You Rather Be Famous OR the Best Friend of Someone Who Is?

Decisions, decisions.

Bro Tries To Do Ice Bucket Challenge, Ends Up Getting Smashed In The Head With A Bucket Instead


10 Places That Are Definitely Not Cool To Smoke Weed In, But Should Anyway

If you share the Rebel Soul like yours truly, sometimes you just have to get out of the house and get stoned somewhere you really

Girl Walks Around And Sits On Random Strangers, Gets A Rainbow Of Odd Reactions

Personal Space Invader.

This Insane Human Being Has a FHRITP Tattoo


I Didn’t Have a Phone For Three Days and It Was Awesome

Disconnecting is healthy.

Hilarious Instagram Proves That Every Bro In New York City Is Wearing the Same J. Crew Gingham Shirt

Bros love to make fun of girls who do stereotypical "basic" shit, like wear yoga pants, Ugg Boots, North Face fleeces, and go to Starbucks

50 Cent Knows Floyd Mayweather Can’t Handle ‘Harry Potter’ So He’s Challenging Him To ‘Cat in the Hat’

To be fair, "Harry Potter" has some really big words.

There Are 4.7 Million 23-Year-Olds, Which Means There are More 23-Year-Olds In America Than Any Other Age

Yesterday the New York Times published a wonky business/marketing trend piece about the millennial generation.

WEAK – This Engineer Claims Robots Are Gonna Kill Us All Out Of Kindness

Eh, whatever.

Woman Holding Orgy To Pay For Breast Implants And Whatever Happened To Just Charging Things?

Zoé Zebra is an adult film actress who’s not happy with her current breast size. #pornstarproblems. To raise the money […]

Talib Kweli Got REAL Heated On CNN Over Their Ferguson Coverage

Flares aren't the only thing flaring in Ferguson... (tempers).

You’ll Never Guess The Disgusting Thing This Pageant Mom Fed Her Kid So She’d Lose Weight least she lost weight?

‘Dating Naked’ Star Suing For $10 Million Because VH1 Showed Her Naked

Jessie Nizewitz signed up for the VH1 reality show Dating Naked, so right out of the gate, we understand the […]

Girl Writes ‘Please Stop Calling Me’ Message on Craigslist After Finding Out a Guy She Gave Her Number to Is Into Rollerblading

Oh the sweet, sweet perils of blade ownership.

VIDEO: Sly Squirrel Can’t Scamper Up Slicked Down Pole


These Optical Illusions Will Melt Your Face Off

Ready to get your face melted, Bros? Seriously trippy stuff.

You’ll Never Guess What This Kid Wrote As His Facebook Status That Got Him Suspended

WARNING: Stupidity ahead.

It’s Physically Impossible To Watch These Videos About Los Angeles Without Laughing

Ever thought about moving to Los Angeles? Think again.

Chart Shows How Many Paid Vacation Days People Get in Every Country. Prepare to Be Depressed, America

Where did we go wrong, America?

This Bro’s Pre-Work Pep Talk Describes What It’s Like To Have A Job And Not Dick Around At College

So true it hurts.

This Restaurant Commercial Has Me 100% Convinced I’ll Get The Black Plague If I Ever Eat There

0/10 would not eat there.

Four Firefighters Injured After Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Terribly Wrong

This has always been the worst fear with the Ice Bucket challenge.

Several Firefighters Injured Helping Campbellsville University Band Do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Did This Bro Just Take The World’s Most Dangerous Selfie?

Answer: Yes, yes he did.

Woman Awesome Creates a ‘Hot-to-Crazy’ Scale For Men

Back in July we posted a video of a Tennessee man breaking down the hot-crazy matrix that men having been using […]

Hugh Jackman Deadlifts 400-Pounds With More Ease Than Most of Us Pass Gas

In which Hugh Jackman deadlifts 400-pounds to remind us that he does, in fact, lift, Bro. And he lifts an impressive […]

Watch This Guy Give Away Free Desserts Outside A Gym Just To Screw With People

No pain no gain.