This Chart Shows Average Penis Size By Country, Korea is Not Looking So Hot

I'm not buying that someone measured enough dicks to form this conclusion.

Incredibly Bad 30-Second Commercial Appears to Have Been Created in Less Than 30 Seconds

Poor work.

Watch Walt Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’ Try And Guess What Kind Of Cereal He’s Eating While Blindfolded

"Breaking Breakfast."

Wanna See A Dance-Off Between Taylor Swift And ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy”s Groot? Okay Here You Go

Because why not.

Why People Who Don’t Get It Are Simply the Worst

Like just, awful.

This Guy Had The ‘Genius’ Idea Of Calling The Police Because A Stripper Wouldn’t Boink Him


Watch This Drunk Chick On The Beach Escape From A Cop By Rolling Into The Ocean And Swimming To Freedom

You're free now, Drunk Chick! You're free!

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters Did the Ice Bucket Challenge, Put Way More Effort Into It than Was Necessary

Fighting Foo and ALS.

This Little Boy Is SUPER Not Into Having His Warlock Of A Father Steal His Ear

This father is the spawn of some hell demon.

6 Messages Not to Send When Online Dating

Avoid these rookie mistakes, Bros.

Stop Everything: Deep-Fried Tequila Shots Exist and Will Get Your D-R-U-N-K

Booze you can eat? Booze you can eat.

Ever Accidentally Showed Your Girlfriend’s Entire Family Your Boner? This Poor Guy On Reddit Has


VIDEO: Bro Sets Off M-80 in His Shorts’ Pocket For $15

Finances must be tight.

Can’t Get Last Night’s Hookup Out Of Your House? Don’t Worry, Here’s What You Do

Nobody likes a linger-er.

This Guy Bought 400 CASES of Beer at a Vegas Night Club, Built Gigantic Wall of Beer Around Table

Wait. This wasn't Dan Bilzerian?

There’s No Way You Won’t Cry Watching David Letterman’s Tribute To Robin Williams

No words.

This Is a Strangely Erotic One Minute Video About Eggs

Eggs are cool and all, but this is weird.

Let’s Watch John McCain Do the Robot During a Performance by The Roots and Jamie Foxx

More like John McCan't dance for shit, AMIRIGHT?

This 16 Year Old With A Completely Disproportionate Body Claims She’s The New ‘Human Barbie’

Is this creepy? Or is this...nah, just creepy.

Check Out How Freakin’ Dope This Little Girl Is at Baton Twirling

Filed To: Things You Couldn't Do in a Million Years

This Compilation of Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS Will Make You LOL All Day

The Ice Bucket Challenge hit its apex a couple days ago, which means now we can start mocking the shit out of it.

This Is What a German Shepherd With Dwarfism Looks Like

Adorable. Duh.

U.S. Map Shows You How Much $100 is Really Worth In Your State, Prepare to Be Depressed

Your money is worthless.

Watching This Killer Whale Throw A Sea Lion Over 20 Feet In The Air Reminds Me To Never Piss Off Nature

Sucks to be a sea lion.

This Video Of A Park Ranger Getting His Ass Beat By A Skater Has A Perfectly Unexplained Jesus Cameo

Jesus has risen, and he declares "you're on your own, bro."

Video of a Getty Photographer Getting Arrested in Ferguson

Animal New York's Amy K. Nelson is doing incredible work reporting from the embattled streets and protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Watch Liberals Shoot Guns For The 1st Time

Try everything once, they say...

VIDEO: Killer Whale Mercks Unsuspecting Sea Lion

He sends it flying into the air!

Sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge? This Man Just Did the Ice Bong Challenge

If you're anything like me, you're plenty sick of Ice Bucket Challenge videos consuming your Facebook and Twitter timelines.

Lil Terrio Did the Ice Bucket Challenge with a Bucket full of Coca-Cola

I can't fathom how sticky he was after doing this.