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FINALLY, a use for all that leftover Zelko no one wants.

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Worst. Day. Ever.

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It's probably the state your girlfriend lives in.

Seriously, What’s Wrong With a Little Photoshop?

It makes hot girls hotter.

Marriage Advice From Divorcees

Nothing like a little relationship from people who didn't get the marriage thing right on the first (...or second... or third...) try.

This Is the Most Unhealthy Meal You Can Order In America and It Looks Fucking Delicious

Congratulations, Red Robin.

Looking For Your Dream Job? This Woman Makes Over $20,000 A Year Having 15 Orgasms A Week At Work, And It’s NOT Porn

No, seriously, it's not porn.

8 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your 20s

It's the decade when your body can handle it.

Pornhub Creates ‘Fapworthy,’ a Site That Makes ‘Upworthy’-Style Headlines for Porn Titles

Finally someone combined the Internet's true love -- porn -- with Upworthy-esque titles.

Watch The Ultimate Way To Both Amuse Yourself And Piss Off Your Girlfriend At The Same Time

I hope she has a good sense of humor.

Police Ask Drunk Bro If He Has a Firearm, Bro Flexes to Indicate Yes, Guns Are Present

The money move.

Guess How Much Money SnapChat is Now Reportedly Worth

Anger. So much anger.

Life Imitates Art: Giraffe in Back of Truck Dies Hitting Overpass

Sad face.

You’ll Never Guess Why This Naked Businessman Walked Into A Police Station With Only A Cardboard Box Over His Junk

Sucks to be this guy.

‘Janet Looks at 89 Dicks’ Is the Story of Janet Looking at 89 Dicks.

You get what you pay for.

One Seattle Cop Wrote 80% Of The City’s 2014 Weed Tickets; Potentially Least Chill Guy Ever

This guy needs to be stopped.

Bros, Dinner And A Movie Isn’t Enough. Here Are Some Better Date Ideas That’ll Get You Laid

Time to step up your game, Bros.

Sex Toy Company Creates Male Vibrator and They’re Hiring One Lucky Dude as Product Tester

Always be innovating.

‘Auntie Fee’s Cooking Show’ Is Probably The Most Ratchet And Unintentionally Hysterical Thing I’ve Seen All Week

"It tastes real good for the kids and shit."

How ‘Bout This Broad Walking Her Naked Boyfriend On A Leash Along The Highway?


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Sexting is everywhere these days: People are sexting at home, at work, in their cars, in their bathtubs.

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Chicks, man.

This 19-Year-Old Built a Working Roller Coaster in His Backyard, Named it ‘Minotaur’

Someone has cool parents.

Manny Machado Has a Superhuman Arm

This guy is out of his mind.

A Guide to Understanding Teenagers and the Stupid Slang Words They Use

Do you know a teenager? If the answer to that question is "yes," do you have a hard time communicating with them because of the

Hahahah Fuck Your Purebred Dog

Not like, literally, dude. Gross.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Sneak Into Hotel Pool Parties, Steal Food From Strangers, And Be An Overall Dick

Mooching at its finest.

Girls PERFECTLY Trolls a Wrong Number Text from a Guy

Dude, you got called the fuck out after your little meltdown. AWK. WARD. Baby's yours, bitch.

Woman Calls Police To Complain That Her Meth Is Laced With ‘Something’, Is Promptly Arrested

Wait...the police DON'T handle meth purity issues?

This 8-Year-Old Bro Pushed and Pulled His Disabled Brother for an Entire Triathlon

Prepare to feel.