The Slippery Slope of Not Showering

Welcome to the filth party. Come on in; the water’s great and the standards are low.

Teen Arrested for Throwing ‘Project X’ Style Party, Hilariously Conducts Interview with Fischer-Price Microphone

Australian party kid, you've met your match.

Bad News, Chipotle Is Raising Prices

That burrito is gonna hit your wallet a little harder.

Terrible News, Gang: We Lost “Pervert Dave”


20 Ways to Know Your Girlfriend Is a Basic Bitch

Basic Bitch, so hot right now.

Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested For Possession of…

I'm not sure if this is irony.

The Kickstick Might Just Be the Best Flask Ever

Drinking booze. Everyone's doing it.

Why Weed Won’t Destroy Your Brain

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience that’s been making the rounds lately purports that smoking weed, even casually, damages your brain [...]

Women Review Guys’ Sex and Seduction Tips

Bros... According to these ladies, you're trying WAY, WAY too hard at your pick-up game.

7 Ridiculous Words You Need to Add to Your Bro-cabulary

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."

Watch What Happens When a Dude Tries to Pick Up Other Dudes

Last week, Whatever sent an extremely attractive women onto a college campus to see how many straight women would give her a phone number.

Meanwhile, in Russia: Bored Firefighters Create an Awesome Hovercraft Using Fire Hoses

Wasting water can be very satisfying.

6 Reasons To Be Happy When Your Girlfriend Poops

But everyone knows that girls don't poop, right? Right? *crickets*

These Are the Four States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophilia Isn’t

Kinda weird, but that's federalism for ya.

Bro’s Girlfriend Went to Study Abroad Without Him — Take a Wild Guess How That Ended

Submit your Ask a Babe questions below (and Ask a Bro will be back tomorrow).

5 Horrifying Ways the Police Can Screw You Over

Courts have again and again given the police all sorts of leeway to royally screw up your life for almost no reason at all.

The Drinking Life Cycles of Every Bro

The booze phases every bro goes through.

We’ve All Been Taking Off Our T-Shirts Wrong

One-handed. All this time we could have been doing it ONE-HANDED.

Brooklyn Will Have an Exploding Vaginas Fireworks Display Because Brooklyn

So avant-garde.

Today In Very Bad News for Men With Beards

Bad news, bearded Bros: According to a new study, you're never getting laid again.

I Tried Pure Barre and Holy Hell Is Being a Woman Hard

Whoa baby, is it difficult.

Joe Biden Just Joined Instagram and He Is Already Ballin’

Like a boss.

This Insane Infomercial Features a Product You Never Knew You Needed

Now this is how you infomercial.

KFC Is Bringing the Double-Down BACK, Because Publicity

The world goes round and round and round.

Man Claims He’s Allergic to Kim Kardashian, Vomits When He Sees Her

We don't think there's an actual medical reason for this.

5 Ways to Get Thinner Without Really Trying

It’s Sunday, and a fresh self-loathing skillet is being served at the “I’ve Let Myself Go Café,” conveniently located on the corner of Hungover and

India Has Such a Big People-Shitting-In-Public Problem That They Had to PSA to Ask them to Stop

Here's a stat that blew my mind: 600 million people in India are doing the majority of their shitting in public.

Come Party with BroBible and Use JagerBonds in Brooklyn on Thursday Night

Bros. If you are in Brooklyn next Thursday night, April 17, the BroBible editorial team will be out at Brooklyn Bowl...

Here Is the Still Thoroughly Insane Steve-O Using a Jellyfish as a Hat

Steve-O, still crazy after all these years.

Bro Tries to Take a Selfie Right Next to a Moving Train, Conductor Teaches Him a Lesson

Some of the the best lessons in life are taught with violence.