Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers of the Month

Everybody bloops.

6 Sex Hacks For Better Sex

Need to up your game in the bedroom, Bros?

VIDEO: Urban Death Hawk Swallows Live Mouse Whole

This bird is boss.

The World’s Most Badass, Illegal Slip ‘N Slide Is In Hawaii

This looks so much fun. Can someone hold our beer?

Brazilians Are Fucking Insane and This Video of Them Catching Piranhas Proves It


Watch a Pizza Expert Review Frozen Pizzas

"Am I eating a pizza right now or am I eating a box?" - Me, every time I eat frozen pizza.

Dude Jumps Off 5-Story Building Into Pool Below and Lives (This Time)

What do you think his end game is here? Internet fame? Street cred? His father's love?

17 Things You Didn’t Learn In Sex Ed

Sex Ed in this country is pretty much a joke.

GoPro Attached to a Car Tire Is Hypnotic, Nauseating

And freakin' cool.

Here’s a Parody About Doing Fireball Shots Set to Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’

Serious question, Bros: Can you count using your fingers and toes how many Fireball shots you've done in the last six weeks? I can't.

The Insane Internet Obsession TwitchPlaysPokemon Is Back, But Now With Pokemon X And Y From The 3DS

Annnnd we're stuck in the Pokemon Center. Again.

27 Sex Myths You Need to Stop Believing

HAHAHAHAHA. You thought your little morning bang sesh counted as exercise. Guess again...

Man Does What Everyone Should Do When a Spammer Texts Them Something Stupid

This man is an expert at being annoying to people who annoy everyone.

This Guy Went Into The Hospital Because Of A Stomach Ache And The Doctors Told Him He’s A WOMAN With Period Cramps

Might wanna get a second opinion on that diagnosis.

6 Signs You’ve Outgrown a Bar

I will beat this dead horse. I will beat this dead horse until it’s nothing but a tender pulp ready to meatballed into delicious treats

This Guy Forgot About His Homemade Masturbation Video And Accidentally Let His Family Watch It During A Reunion

Worst. Reunion. Ever.

Watch Thieves Attempt To Rob A Convenience Store Only To Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Them By The Semi-Pro MMA Fighter

Unluckiest thieves ever.

VIDEO: Girl Falls Out of the High Dive Tree, Hits Every Branch on the Way Down

It's an ouch.

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of a Legless/Armless Man In a Wheelchair Jumping Into a Girl Fight

It's Monday and I got a blank space where my mind should be. I don't.... I can't...

Here’s Something Your Father Probably Never Taught You

How could you, dad? How could you deprive me of this?

A News Station Chose to Use This Photo During Report About a Teen Who Fell To His Death

Poor choice.

13 Celebrity Face Swaps You Can’t Unsee

Like the Nic Cage-John Travola movie.

Cool, So, Someone Is Making Furniture Designed to Look Like Human Skin

Because the world isn't creepy enough already.

Here’s How To Turn Your Roomba into a Killing Machine When You’re Drunk

Roombas equipped with knives battle til the death!

The New York Times Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana.


Drop the Tough Bro Act for 15 Seconds and Watch a Puppy and a Baby Cuddle

It's perfect.

Guy Runs Away From Fat Cop, But Gets Tasered and Falls Hard on His Chin

You may be able to outrun a cop, but you can't outrun a taser.

Watch This Maniac Fly in on a 5-on-1 Chick Fight and Completely Obliterate Them All

These five girls just got Ray Rice-d big time.

7 Facts That’ll Make You Quit Facebook

Facebook: Can't with without it, kinda sorta hate yourself for living with it. Watch this video.

8 More Brotips for Crushin’ It This Summer

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and chillin' with your buddies.