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What’s winning the Internet today (08.21.13)

By / 08.21.13

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Go Topless Day

go topless day

Huffington Post

We fully support this cause.
‘Go Topless Day’ is August 25 — Unless You’re a Man (NSFW PHOTOS)

Sexy Facts

sexy facts

The Chive

See if you notice the facts.
Believe It or Not, There are Facts in This Gallery (36 Photos)



Natasha Galkina ‘in Her Place’

Natasha Galkina

SI Extra Mustard

You really need to see the rest of this photo.
SI Hot Clicks

Moving Fail

deer statue fail video


And once again someone forgot one small detail.
How Not to Transport a Giant Deer Statue (Video)

Russian Drunks Break Kiddie Ride

Erin Heatherton in Lingerie

erin heatherton lingerie


Hope 25 pictures are enough.
New Erin Heatherton Lingerie Pictures are in the House


pica pic

The Smoking Jacket

These might be the best thing ever.
5 Reasons You’ve Gotta Play You Some Pica-Pic

Veronica & Her Glasses

veronica glasses

Gorilla Mask

See if you even notice the glasses.
Veronica (NSFWish)



Worst Summer Date

worst summer date

MTV Guy Code

This photo is just one reason.
The Worst Summer Date: The Zoo

Maria Sugarpova?

Maria Sugarpova

Busted Coverage

And yes, there are pictures of her too.
Maria Sharapova Won’t Change Last Name to Sugarpova

Survivor’s Guide

crapping your pants in public


This will never happen to you, but just in case…
A Survivor’s Guide to Crapping Your Pants in Public

Marlene Favela in Lingerie

Marlene Favela


And she seems to be all wet for some reason.
Model at Midnight: Marlene Favela

Russian Drivers…

russian ship hits beach


They’re even dangerous on water.
VIDEO: Massive Russian Ship Steers into Beach Full of Tourists

Emily Ratajkowski…WOW

Emily Ratajkowski Ass


It’s just one photo, but what an AMAZING photo.
Emily Ratajkowski Ass for Twitter Doing the Dishes (NSFWish)

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

violet budd


Blind Motorcyclist, Words to Live By, Violet Budd and more!

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