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What’s winning the Internet today (11.08.13)

By / 11.08.13

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Upskirt Photos are a Right?

upskirt photos

Huffington Post

Dude says taking upskirts on the Boston subway is protected by law.
Man Says it’s His Constitutional Right to Take ‘Upskirt’ Photos

Panoramic Photos Gone Wrong

panoramic photos gone wrong

The Chive

The hell?
Sometimes Panoramic Photos Go Horribly Wrong (30 Photos)

Not Even Close, Do It

Abigail Ratchford in Lingerie

abigail ratchford pics

SI Extra Mustard

And sometimes, even less.
SI Hot Clicks

20 Unbelievable GIFs

nailed it gifs


“Nailed it” was never more apropos.
20 Unbelievable GIFs of People Absolutely Nailing It

Best Exercise Video Ever

Erin Heatherton in Lingerie

heatherton vs lingerie


Get ready for your day to get a whole lot better.
49 New/Ridiculously Awesome Erin Heatherton Lingerie Photos? Yes Please!

Dogs vs. Sprinklers Compilation

dogs vs sprinklers


Dogs are so awesome.
Dogs vs. Sprinklers Compilation (Video)

Jordan Carver in a Bikini

jordan carver bikini

Gorilla Mask

She really deserves some kind of landmark status.
Jordan Carver (NSFWish)

Hate Those Nights

Go Home, Sports, You’re Drunk

drunk sports

Bleacher Report

That’s it. We’re taking your keys.
Go Home, Sports, You’re Drunk

Checking in With Irina Shayk

shayk jogging

Busted Coverage

I knew she worked out.
Let’s Check in With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Irina Shayk

Best Netflix Date Movies

netflix date movies


These are what we like to call a “win-win.”
5 Date Movies to Watch on Netflix Streaming

Marina Mozzoni in Lingerie

Marina Mozzoni


Well done, Italy, well done.
Model at Midnight: Marina Mozzoni

An American Pastime

drunk and destroy

Total Frat Move

It’s simple. When we get shitfaced, we break stuff.
Drunkenly Destroying Shit is an American Pastime

Alexina Graham in Lingerie

alexina graham


You really need to see the rest of this picture.
Hot Alexina Graham Will Get You All Steamed Up (NSFWish)

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Dianna Dahlgren

SI Extra Mustard

Martial Arts Fails, Oregon Cheerleaders, Dianna Dahlgren & More!

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