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Must See Imagery: Weekend Edition

By / 12.07.12

"santa saw your Facebook photos"

9gag, Facebook

We here at Guyism take our Internetting very seriously, and we strive to bring you only the best content the web has to offer. Thus, going forward we will be brining you the Most Viral Photos of the day (every day), as seen on Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook. If you see any photos you think should make it in to our weekly list be sure to submit them over to our Facebook page and we’ll be pleased to include them.

Feature Image Source

"I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me"

Ceelions, Imgur

This is actually one picture of a set in which Chinese factory workers post with the toys they make, pretty cool, and I highly suggest giving it a glance. source.

9gag, Tumblr

Jessica Rabbit FTW! source.

betss, Imgur

Everyone falls for the office goggles! source.

insomniaccity, Tumblr

Old people don’t want drunk youngsters running wild, youngsters grow up and get old. Rinse, repeat cycle…. source.

gamemasterty, Imgur

Live in the sticks? Want to scare the crap out of your neighbors? Get yourself a pair of these! source.

"what guys see"

4chan, Facebook

As an adult male I can confirm this 100%. source.

dre10g, Imgur

Speaking of urinals, why would you ever want to go to the bathroom anywhere but this majestic porcelain throne? source.

hugelol, Facebook

Who’s ready to rage on the Mayan calendar ending? source.

warholamo, Imgur

This stamp should be in every office, everywhere. source.

"security work has its benefits"

4chan, Facebook

If you got into security work to grope scantily clad chicks then I’d appreciate it if you’d just go ahead and throw yourself off of a cliff now. That being said, that chick is seemingly smokin’ hot and eye candy certainly would be a perk of the job. source.


FACT: If you’re ever having trouble with the ladies then just get yourself a dog. Because it’s not a major life decision or anything…. source.

"live slow and die whenever"

ohimamonster, Tumblr

Words to live by! Well, maybe only if you’re a sloth. source.

Philmill2043, Imgur

The alcoholic’s phrase for YOLO? source.

"whatcha thinking about?"

meme-meme, Tumblr

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this was a real life interaction of cats. source.

napz, Imgur

I think we can all imagine just how lovely the person is who posted the original note. source.

justchill, Facebook

Pretty accurate. source.

fucksensitivity, Facebook

If you find this VHS in your parents’ belongings whatever you do resist the urge to see what’s on it. Although I’m sure a 95% of the people reading this don’t even own a VCR anymore. source.

shmoovegroove, Imgur

The only explanation is this must be Heaven, right? source.

MyFabulousUsername, Imgur

This is also directly proportional to the amount of time you spend on the Internet and the depth of which you dive in. source.

Freddo720, Imgur

This seems like as good a place as any to say goodbye for the weekend! See you on Monday muchachos! source.

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