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Must See Imagery: Thursday

By / 11.01.12

cats and boobs

rouge321, Imgur

We here at Guyism take our Internetting very seriously, and we strive to bring you only the best content the web has to offer. Thus, going forward we will be brining you the Most Viral Photos of the day (every day), as seen on Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook. If you see any photos you think should make it in to our weekly list be sure to submit them over to our Facebook page and we’ll be pleased to include them.

Feature Image Source

and that's why you always leave a note

CapnTyinKnots, Imgur

Devotees will remember J. Walter Weatherman from his amputee-enhanced tutelage of the Bluth children. source.

stop electing idiots

skrillz2002, Imgur

Well gee golly gosh, aren’t people just so clever during election season? source.

no shave november? You don't say

MLB Memes, Facebook

So who else is growing it out for Movember? source.

9gag, Tumblr

What’s most astonishing about this picture is how it’s only November 1st and there’s already so much snow on the ground. source.

9gag, Tumblr

Was there a bigger badass in modern history than Bruce Lee? source.

illillill, Tumblr

Is this the greatest dog costume of the year? Early voting says yes…. source.

who says conservatives are all hard-drinking, tough-as-nails southerners and liberals are soft-spoken pussies? The Internet

comedycentral, Tumblr

On the Internet everyone’s got an opinion. And it’s always right. source.

wong fook hing book store

pdmcmahon, Imgur

Greatest store name of all-time? Greatest store name of all-time. source.

let's do some fucking laundry

smellsmell1, Imgur

“Let’s do some fucking laundry”??? Seriously? I don’t get that excited about anything, certainly not the laundry. source.

today's special is nothing


Sounds like somebody just got dumped. Good thing they let us know on the sign because who wants to go in and sit through an hour’s worth of acoustic songs by The Cure on the radio? source.

Where do I put the poo?

dillcurly, Imgur

This graffiti artist gentlemen raises an excellent point. source.

dog meme

Punch_A_Lunch, Imgur

Silly dog, he thinks he’s people, using words and stuff. source.

there's a reason it's girls gone wild and not women gone wild

theCulk, Imgur

Louis C.K. certainly has some fucking hilarious observational comedy, too bad he had to cancel his show last Sunday in NYC due to the storm or I would have been able to see it firsthand /end sad storm rant. source.

After quite a few post-it notes later

Moonunit12, Imgur

What do you think: pissed off wife? Roommate? Or sibling? source.

manliest hot tub of all time

mjAUT, Imgur

Without a doubt the manliest hot tub of all time. source.

museum of ass

ThaDinks, Imgur

Is there anything better than parents embarrassing their children? source.

if you're reading this

fugololo, Imgur

Good guy salt shaker has your back. Good lookin’ out bro. source.

you aint teach this nigga

copperube, Imgur

That does seem like a fairly developed ebonics vocabulary for a 2nd grader though. source.

the sexiest costume on the Internet

WagonWheelin, Imgur

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for lying to you on Monday and saying that I’d be bringing you the Must See Imagery every evening, then immediately disappearing for several days. For that though we can all blame Hurricane Sandy and all the trouble it has caused us folks up here in NYC. So with that, I’ll leave you with unquestionably the sexiest costume on the Internet. source.

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