"It's the final countdown"

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We here at Guyism take our Internetting very seriously, and we strive to bring you only the best content the web has to offer. Thus, going forward we will be brining you the Most Viral Photos of the day (every day), as seen on Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook. If you see any photos you think should make it in to our weekly list be sure to submit them over to our Facebook page and we’ll be pleased to include them.

Feature Image Source

Jake8078, Imgur

The ultimate bachelor pad Christmas tree. source.

FuckSensitivity, Facebook

FuckSensitivity, Facebook

Every working male should own one of these. source.

adenyo, Imgur

Are you prepared for the alpacalypse tomorrow? source.


IfuckingLoveScience, Facebook

Science: get to know it. source.

j1002s, Imgur

As a dog owner I can confirm that this thought process is 100% realistic. source.

hugelol, Facebook

hugelol, Facebook

Grocery store ninja is here to scare the living sh*t out of you when you least expect it. source.

wonderless2686, Imgur

Absolutely brilliant, who doesn’t want to pop bubble wrap in times of stress? source.

PBH Network, Facebook

PBH Network, Facebook

If the Mona Lisa was painted today… source.

blumpkinpatch, Imgur

Because who in their right mind wouldn’t want a burrito? source.

internationalassociationofhaters, Facebook

internationalassociationofhaters, Facebook

“How to spot a Douchebag in the wild” source.

jolly-rodger, Imgur

Who wouldn’t want to pee in this? source.

"No lungs, no lung cancer"

4chan, Facebook

Badass fish is just living on the edge. source.

EatingGrass, Imgur

Why would you ever want to drink at such a depressing bar? source.

conan o'brien presents: team coco

conan o’brien presents: team coco

Funny guy! source.

memecollection, Tumblr

memecollection, Tumblr

Yes, McDonald’s is exactly what she needs. source.

Pray_IV_Reign, Imgur

Meanwhile in an alternate dimension… source

humortrain, Tumblr

humortrain, Tumblr

What is the world coming to? source.

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