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Must See Imagery: Monday Edition

By / 11.12.12

t-shirt fail

seraphim777, Imgur

We here at Guyism take our Internetting very seriously, and we strive to bring you only the best content the web has to offer. Thus, going forward we will be brining you the Most Viral Photos of the day (every day), as seen on Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook. If you see any photos you think should make it in to our weekly list be sure to submit them over to our Facebook page and we’ll be pleased to include them.

Feature Image Source

picture of a tattoo fail

FuckSensitivity, Facebook

And this ladies and gentlemen is why you always interview your tattoo artist ahead of time. source.

forest fires

DirtyWhiteBoy, Facebook

Yogi needs to find that bear and challenge him to a duel, obviously. source.

picture of aging puppy

Ysorigin, Imgur

The many stages of dog. source.

cards against humanity

privateai, Tumblr

Do we have any Guyism readers who play Cards Against Humanity? Send me some pics of your favorite plays and I’ll compile them into a killer post! source.

funny t-shirt

zazzle-poetry, Tumblr

This definitely deserves to be the #1 stocking stuffer of 2012. source.

photo of blind man pan handling

muffluv, Imgur

Hooray! Blackberry has discovered a way to cure the blind! source.

funny toddler pic

quick-meme, Tumblr

That kid looks how I feel on most mornings. source.

picture of a plane crash

thats-so-meme, tumblr

Plane, you’re supposed to be in the air, not in the sea. You’re drunk plane, get it together. source.

graffiti in Belgium

Stember, Imgur

Sounds like they’re having a pretty spirite revolution over there in Belgium…. source.

picture of trash cans

Lymoz, Imgur

Trashy or not, I highly suggest everyone try it at least once in their lifetime, you’ll only regret it if/when you get caught. source.

don't drink a car under the influence of alcohol

stemiz, Imgur

Excellent Japanese advice here. source.

scary stuffed animal

thats-so-meme, Tumblr

Fact: Adults can scare children into just about anything. source

yolo car crash

il_marcello, Imgur

Could there have been a more appropriate license plate? Sadly, I’m calling this fake and likely photoshopped, still hilarious nonetheless. source.

funny receipt

Dukefleeed, Imgur

$6 for cock?!?! You gotta be kidding me man! Clearly there’s more of a market for it than only six dollars! source.

bond meme

niknak79, Tumblr

What do you think: have we not been featuring enough meme-related content on the site lately? Do you miss the regular ‘new meme you should know‘ posts? source.

taking a nap

cfarragher, Imgur

We’ve all been there at one point or another. source.

how to cool your beer in Canada

9gag, Tumblr

How to keep your beer cold in Canada. source.

jfesta, Imgur

Reverse psychology strong enough to get anyone with a good sense of the humor in off the street for a drink. source.

clever photography wording

jbond98, Imgur

Quite the clever store front for a photographer. source.

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