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Must See Imagery: 50 most viral photos of the week

By / 10.19.12

commmiesoup, Imgur

We here at Guyism take our Internetting very seriously, and we strive to bring you only the best content the web has to offer. Thus, going forward we will be brining you the 50 Most Viral Photos of the Week (as seen on Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook). If you see any photos you think should make it in to our weekly list be sure to submit them over to our Facebook page and we’ll be pleased to include them.

Feature image via

letsclimb, Imgur

Think he’s really into the ladies or just hungry?

Mexwotd, Facebook

Probably the most popular joke of the week, ‘Binders Full of Women.’ Check out our post on it here.

Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down

yatinarora, Imgur

I guess I’m one step short of becoming a scientist then?

FuckSensitivity, Facebook

Nerd? Pandering to nerds? Does it really matter with chesticles like that?

TheGreatStromboli, Imgur

Nice one Mr. Bus Driver

attractive people are having fun without you

humortrain, Tumblr

Do you ever feel this way sometimes?

TheShadowhawk, Imgur

Personal massager, totally legit…

tealshoes, Imgur

Greatest couples costume of all time?

erikmad, Imgur

Hypno-tank rules you!

Tries to hold back a sneeze, farts

9gag, Tumblr

Sadly I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives…

Porn is more honest than religion

cr4zym0nkey, Tumblr

Think about it.

Needs_More_Boost, Imgur

What? How? I don’t even…

niknak79, Tumblr

You’re drunk giraffe, go home.

samanthakm9, Imgur


siriuslymeg, Tumblr

Sandwich making done right.

dog-shaming, Tumblr

Silly puppy, when are you going to learn?

9gag, Tumblr

You too?

unicornjesus, Tumblr

How adorable…

came home drunk, charged phone

9gag, Tumblr

Sadly I only remember maybe 1 out of every 10 times.

FuckSensitivity, Facebook

Clearly just mimicking his father

Wballstien, Imgur

Dog, you’re doing it wrong.

awkwardbystand3r, Tumblr

And not a single fuck was given.

George Takei, Facebook

The first of two cow jokes on this list. Sorry, I’m just really into cows today, alright?

Tohroe, Imgur

This is what happens when you bad mouth your lady’s mother

killattention, Imgur

Sup chair?

brogsreddit, Imgur

Why didn’t I ever get awards like this when I had chores as a child?

DJSlambert, Imgur

Pa’ couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity

redlust85, Imgur

Post this sign anywhere you see fit this holiday season.

awood785, Imgur

It’s good to be on top.

manticulitis, Imgur

Also, can be used to describe being born in the South. I know from firsthand experience.

robot-shmobot, Imgur

People with glasses will understand.

keepitclassydarling, Imgur

Party Dog is ready to throw down.

auzboo, Imgur

That certainly doesn’t look like a Barbi to me.

jschro, Imgur

Why would anyone want to exclude Petrie?

Rivster79, Imgur

Party time?

ChrisMcKee, Imgur

Just hanging out, waiting for the bus, looking sexy as f*ck…

neilswank, Imgur

Well, at least we won’t have to come back!

Datwinecat87, Imgur

Why not?


It’s a quote on the Internet, so you know it’s real.

TheMetaPicture, Tumblr

She’s right.

shnarf_king, Imgur

Geometrically speaking, of course.

kraven420, Imgur

I think this is my new favorite picture on the Internet.

saffaborofan, Imgur

A look in to the future!

boardingpass10, Imgur

A hard dose of reality

HippyCornflake, Imgur

Greatest headline of the week?

ScenicToaster, Imgur

It’s posts such as this that make Tumblr worth reading through

gamerman217, Imgur

Cow joke #2, as promised.

sharkattax, Imgur

I had being taken advantage of…

Vasilik, Imgur

And with that, have a great weekend!

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