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Guy acts like a dick to fake statue street performer, gets an instant karma KO

By 03.15.13

Some douchey guy antagonizes one of those fake statue street performers while he’s busy playing around with some kid. The street performer takes it, takes it, then finally snaps and knocks the guy out. Must see video here, folks.

Personally, I find the guys pretending to be statues or robots on the streets and in the subways to be pretty annoying. But you have to understand…if you’re going to aggressively screw with them, do you really think that they’re going to respond well? Does a mentally stable person paint themselves silver and pretend to be a statue for a living? No. No they don’t. You deserved every moment here, douche guy. Put some ice on it and learn.

About Chris Spags... "Internet Heartthrob" Chris Spags is a former comic and the founding editor of Guyism.com. In addition to overseeing all Guyism content and business development, he covers Humor for the site daily. He was recognized on the street once and it was awesome.
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