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Expectations and reality: A celebration of life’s little fails

By / 11.13.12

hair flip expectations versus reality


In life things never quite work out the way you want them to, do they? Today, we take a look at the treasure trove of images the Internet has to offer on Expectations vs. Reality. Hopefully, you the readers will be able to find some comfort and solace in this post and be able to use it as evidence that you are in fact not the only person who is never quite able to execute.

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feature image source

getting out of the pool, expectation vs. reality


Reality is never as glamorous as life in pictures, is it? source.

expectation vs reality of leaving for a few days


Oh, so you went on vacation for a week and couldn’t wait to get back to Facebook and check out all the action you got while away? Here’s your rude awakening. source.

Polar Bear Plunge Expectation

polar bear plunge

frvherreweghe, Flickr


sauna expectations vs reality


Why is the gym never the sexy place it is in film and tv? source.

Fighting Expectation

Fighting Reality

no shave november expectations vs reality


So we’re mid way through No Shave November now, how’s your face scruff looking? source.

hearing your own voice expectations vs reality


If you’re one of the rare individuals who truly enjoys the sound of your own voice, I tip my hat to you because you truly live a blessed life. However, you’re also probably a pompous tool who likes to hear themselves speak, so there’s that… source.

Your Dog Riding In The Car Expectation

dog riding in the car

LuluHoeller, Flickr

Your Dog Riding In The Car Reality

online dating profile expectations vs reality


Oh, you were totally mackin’ on a hot chick in that Prodigy chat room (Prodigy still exists in my mind)? Well, here’s the reality of that buxom photo she sent you. source.

studying with friends expectation vs reality

full-monty, Tumblr

It’s either this or you smoke/drink too much and accomplish even less. source.

kissing expectation vs reality

lucylockett, Tumblr

It’s amazing how much Instagram can alter a photo, right? source.

Clowns Expectation

clown expectation

Pop Culture Geek, Flickr

Clown Reality

FACT: clowns are never cool and always scary as hell! GIF source.

ripping tape with your teeth expectations vs reality

lucylockett, Tumblr

We’ve all been there, right? RIGHT?!?? source.

microwave meals expectations vs reality

theexpectationthereality, tumblr

And that folks is why you shouldn’t shop for your dinner in the frozen food section. source.

friday night expectations vs reality

justanothergaygirl, Tumblr

If only that was a picture of a dog instead of a cat then I’d be inclined to agree. source.

exercising expectations versus reality


It’s holiday season, time to trim some of that belly fat, no? source.

cutting your hair expectations vs reality


This is precisely why I would never attempt to cut my own hair. source.

tanning expectations vs reality


Tanning beds are absolutely filthy and should never be used. If you’re not already aware of the many horrors that happen inside of them then I suggest you do some hardcore googling. source.

sand castle expectations vs reality


As someone who grew up in Florida I can confirm this. Source.

Playing Tennis Expectation

playing tennis expectation

Marc Di Luzio, Flickr

Playing Tennis Reality

Flickr source, gif source

slinky expectation vs reality


This doesn’t mean Slinkys aren’t still awesome though! source.

putting on toothpaste


Seriously though, how do the advertisers make it look so damn good? source.



On a serious note: they really should at least wear the hats. source.

Cleavage Expectation

Cleavage Reality

biting my lip

TylerStewart, Pinterest

Trying to look sexy for that girl at the club/bar/ice cream truck? Well, here’s the sad reality of how you look. source.

red solo cup usage


It really one has one use, doesn’t it? Source.

sleeping with pets expectations vs reality

JennaDower, Pinterest

If you’ve ever slept with a pet you fully understand this one. source.

before and after the gym


Seriously, if this is you it’s time to get in the gym more brahski. (but not really, we like you the way you are). Source.

wearing a fedora

martinastrong, Pinterest

Example one of ten thousand as to why you should never, ever, under any circumstances, wear a fedora. source.

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