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Guy spots a bobcat in bed of parked truck, decides to pet it, then this happened

By 02.21.14
Reddit / TheAngryCelt

Reddit / TheAngryCelt


Reddit user TheAngryCelt and his friend stopped by their local Walmart in Boise, Idaho for a new tuxedo for the weekend (guessing) and spotted a bobcat hanging out in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Naturally, Celt and his pal approached the adorable but possibly dangerous feline because…well, I’m not sure, they’re nuts? Luckily, the cat was friendly. Celt and his buddy took some pictures and posted them online.

The owner of the cat is a breeder and his friend was just hanging out waiting for him to return.

I’m glad this all turned out well but I’m going to vote against anyone else approaching random bobcats in Walmart parking lots. That’s exactly how I got addicted to heroin.

Reddit / TheAngryCelt

Reddit / TheAngryCelt


Reddit / TheAngryCelt

Reddit / TheAngryCelt

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