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Bazooka Joe comics are dead. Celebrate with mediocre Bazooka Joe comics!

By / 11.30.12

According to the NY Times, Bazooka, creators of Bazooka Joe gum, will be getting rid of their famous comic strips. So let’s remember these pieces of pop culture by picking out the best (I use that term liberally) comics in Bazooka Joe history.


Bazooka Joe’s erectile dysfunction humor was very ahead of its time.


I think Bazooka Joe’s friend might be overselling his surprise a bit in that last panel. It looks like Bazooka Joe told him that he tried to sodomize her cat. (image via Collider)


Yet another reason I would not want to see Mort’s shits. (image via John Tabita)


From the limited edition “Bazooka Jew” strip. (image via IGN)


The restaurant owner sure seems to be taking these serious accusations about his business in stride. (image via WALLS 360)


Nothing gets a laugh quite like implied eating disorders. (image via Nerdy Heartbeat)


Women, always trading sex for money. Classic bubble gum friendly humor. (image via A Hundred Monkeys)


“Bazooka Joe” is Spanish for “Marcellus Wallace.” (image via Papa Rajota)


There are two types of jokes guaranteed to get a laugh: Counting jokes and tethered paddle ball jokes. Bazooka Joe combined them into one comic strip. Try getting your sides stitched back together after that one. (image via Absolutely Horrible)

Let’s all weep a little for what we could be losing out on with the rumored Bazooka Joe movie.

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