The 7 Things You Should Never Say To Women
This Chameleon Is Real Tired of Your B.S.

This barrage of texts from the clingiest girl ever may make you never date again

By 01.31.14

There’s nothing that anyone, male or female, hates more than a clinger. The good news? No clingy person in your life will EVER match the level of insanity this girl is throwing out there.

This 67 (!!!) image opus with a guy named Kevin and a girl simply known as “JJ” went live on Imgur this afternoon and oh boy is it an amazingly cringe-inducing read:

Say what you will about the lack of stability here but this girl’s got some balls trying every gambit possible. A brief list:

-“Oh, I meant to text someone else. Here are all my unfiltered thoughts about the situation as I pretend my texts are going to the wrong people.”
-Blame the guy for having sex with you.
-“Let’s be friends.”
-“I’m depressed and have no one to talk to so if you don’t talk to me, you’re responsible for whatever bad things may happen.”
-“Goodbye forever.”
-*12 hours later “Let’s hang out as friends.”
-Showing up at the guy’s house???
-“I’m amazing, your loss.”
-“I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”

All I can say is:

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