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10 Evel Knievel quotes because that dude was insane

By / 11.07.13

"Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars."

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It wasn’t so long ago that Evel Knievel was an American institution, a household name, and the man that every young boy idolized. His leaps of faith captivated our nation for decades, and the accompanying Evel Knievel quotes blew us all away. He was a wild card, in fact he was one of the original wild cards in pop-culture. So today, we honor the best and most memorable Evel Knievel quotes.

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"When you're mad at someone, it's probably best not to break his arm with a baseball bat."

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“Where there is little risk, there is little reward.”

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A Roman general in the time of Caesar had a motto - "If it is possible, it is done. If it is impossible... it will be done." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I live by.

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"I did everything by the seat of my pants. That's why I got hurt so much."

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"Harley-Davidson is the finest company in the world."

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“When you do what I do for a living you have to have a positive mental attitude; when that positive mental attitude isn't enough to get you across that jump you have to be man enough to deal with the circumstances. In my case, I'm man enough.”

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I am the last gladiator in the New Rome. I go into the arena and I compete against destruction and I win! And next week I go out there and I do it again.

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"All my life people have been waiting around to watch me die."

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