by BroBible Babes on February 8, 2014

Hot Girl Taco Bell

Food is personal so when another human starts tossing fingers in your appetizers, or poking your pasta with a fork from across the table, things can get a little awkward. Unless the fingers and fork belong to a hot chick. Then we cool.

The babe in Taco Bell ‘Loaded Grillers’ commercial is as hot as she is hungry — but who is she?

She’s Michelle Hayden. A graduate of UC Davis and an animal advocate, Michelle’s appeared on 90210 and in a short film titled The Second Circle.

You might also recognize her from this Go Daddy ad back in 2012.

Michelle Hayden Model Pics

Michelle Hayden Model

Check out more of Michelle on Twitter.

[via Who’s The Hot Ad Girl?]

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