by J. Camm on November 1, 2010

Jenny McCarthy: Nov. 1

Jenny McCarthy

Julia Stegner: Nov. 2

Julia Stegner

Aria Giovanni: Nov. 3

Aria Giovanni

Emma Stone: Nov. 6

Emma Stone

Thandie Newton: Nov. 6

Thandie Newton

Rebecca Romijn; Nov. 6

Rebecca Romijn

Melyssa Ford: Nov. 7

Melyssa Ford

Tara Reid: Nov. 8

Tara Reid

Vanessa Minnillo: Nov. 9

Vanessa Minnillo

Alison Waite: Nov. 10

Alison Waite


Peta Wilson: Nov. 11

Peta Wilson

Demi Moore: Nov. 11

Demi Moore

Lisa Gleave: Nov. 11

Lisa Gleave

Gemma Atkinson: Nov. 15

Gemma Atkinson

Rachel McAdams: Nov. 17

Rachel McAdams

Daisy Fuentes: Nov. 17

Daisy Fuentes

Nadine Velazquez: Nov. 20

Nadine Velazequez

Bo Derek: Nov. 20

Bo Derek


Scarlett Johansson: Nov. 22

Scarlett Johansson

Kelly Brook: Nov. 23

Kelly Brook

Katherine Heigl: Nov. 24

Katherine Heigl

Natasha Bedingfield: Nov. 26

Natasha Bedingfield

In Memoriam: Anna Nicole Smith: Nov. 28

Anna Nicole Smith

Elisha Cuthbert: Nov. 30

Elisha Cuthbert

Kaley Cuoco: Nov. 30

Kaley Cuoco

J. Camm

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