by Stevie Chay Vaughan on October 22, 2012

Meet Emily VanCamp, one of the stars of ABC's “Revenge” and the newest sex symbol for the lucky guys at GQ to photograph and interview. How much of a tomboy is VanCamp? Here's a preview:

GQ: You pull off the salty-sweet thing on Revenge really well. Which comes easier?
VanCamp: Yeah, I always feel like I'm playing a character when I'm in a beautiful dress, with my hair coiffed. I like getting down and dirty. It's really fun. There's nothing better than setting an asshole's house on fire. It's those moments when I think “I love my job!”

GQ: Would you consider yourself more of a tomboy, then?
VanCamp: Definitely. I did ballet, which taught me how to be poised and graceful, but still, to this day I'd rather be fishing than going to some glamorous party. It's so therapeutic.

GQ: What's the biggest thing you've caught?
VanCamp: I think a barracuda—quite a big one—in the Caribbean.

GQ: What?! That's so badass.
VanCamp: It wasn't! It was on one of those industrial lines.

GQ: Where else have you vacationed recently?
VanCamp: Well, I went to Bora Bora and swam with sharks. Just reef sharks and lemon sharks.


Funny, we're not really getting the toyboy vibe from these shots: