by AG on February 17, 2012

Patrick says he didn't see an advanced copy (his entry came in on Sunday, a full day before the cover leaked, so we believe him) and that he's a “huge fan” of Kate Upton. “Loved her as a rookie, can't believe she's only 19,” Patrick says. As for the logic behind his selections, Patrick explains, “I know they tend to like the 'hair blowing in the wind' thing. And I figured she'd be standing with a bikini on.” He says he loves both the print edition and all the interactive features on SI's Swimsuit Issue site.

For correctly guessing the cover, Patrick won himself any item from the BroBible Shop, and he wisely chose an Honest Bro T-shirt. If Ms. Upton would like to donate a signed copy of the cover, I bet he'd like that as well.

Thanks to everyone who entered. By the way, here are a few behind-the-scenes video of Kate Upton on her shoots, including the full-length video version of all that incredible beachdside dancing:

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