by J. Camm on January 11, 2011

The 5 Hottest PMOY of the 1960s

Donna Michelle — 1964
Jo Collins — 1965
Lisa Barker — 1967
Angela Dorian — 1968
Connie Kreski — 1969
If we picked a sixth: Ellen Stratton — 1960 (only fair, she started it all)

The 5 Hottest PMOY of the 1970s

Liv Lindeland — 1972
Liv Lindeland Playboy
Cyndi Wood — 1974
Cyndi Wood
Marilyn Lange — 1975
Marily Lange
Patti McGuire — 1977
Patti McGuire
Monique St. Pierre — 1979
Monique St. Pierre
If we picked a sixth: Lillian Muller — 1976{pagebreak}

The 5 Hottest PMOY of the 1980s

Dorothy Stratten — 1980
Dorothy Stratten
Terri Welles — 1981
Terri Welles
Shannon Tweed — 1982
Shannon Tweed
Donna Edmondson — 1987
Donna Edmondson
Kimberly Conrad — 1989
Kimberly Conrad
If we picked a sixth: India Allen — 1988

The 5 Hottest PMOY of the 1990s

Anna Nicole Smith — 1993
Anna Nicole Smith
Jenny McCarthy — 1994
Jenny McCarthy
Victoria Silvstedt — 1997
Victoria Silvstedt
Karen McDougal —1998
Karen McDougal
Heather Kozar — 1999
Heather Kozar
If we picked a sixth: Stacy Sanches — 1996{pagebreak}

The 5 Hottest PMOY of the 2000s

Jodi Ann Paterson — 2000
Jodi Ann Paterson
Brande Roderick — 2001
Brande Roderick
Dalene Kurtis — 2002
Dalene Kurtis
Tiffany Fallon — 2005
Tiffany Fallon
Jayde Nicole — 2008
If we picked a sixth: Honestly, every last one in the aughts is f*ckin' hot. But we'd call it a tie between Sara Jean Underwood (2007) and Kara Monaco (2006).

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