by BroBible Staff on January 29, 2013

Tonight's GIF magic is Nina Agdal getting sprayed down for Carl's Jr's forthcoming Super Bowl commercial. It's going to be awesome. Via Guyism:


Lindsey Vonn: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know, via Heavy:


Porn Stars Are Reenacting Memes Because That’s All The Internet Is Used For Anyway, via Uproxx:


The Most Insane Facebook Posts of the Week EVER, via TruTV:


7 grooming routines women will hate you not doing, via Guyism:


I'm Bad at Drugs, via College Humor:


These Are the Things Men Fear the Most, via YourTango:


The 10 Vacation Spots Where People Are Most Likely To Cheat, via RSVLTS:


4 Homes Masquerading as Strip Clubs and Nightclubs, via Huffington Post:


Russian Road Rage, via ClipNation:


30 Mind-Blowing (True) Facts about Famous Movie Scenes, via Cracked:


Eight Video Game Kills that Made Me Feel Guilty, via Unreality:


HOTTTTTTT Nina Agdal PIcs, Yo, via CelebSlam:

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