by BroBible Babes on April 30, 2014


Sometimes you wanna see your main gal looking classy, see? Looking like a real take-home-to-Mom type. A real PEACH. Not like your common streetwalking scarlet woman, pardon the statement.

Anyway, we don’t know why Nina Agdal makes us talk like 1920s gangsters, but here’s the lady herself in Banana Moon swimwear.

Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-16-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-15-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-14-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-13-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-12-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-11-1024x512 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-10-1024x768 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-9-767x1024 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-8-767x1024 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-7-724x1024 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-6-1024x768 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-4-682x1024 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-3 Nina-Agdal-Banana-Moon-swimwear-2

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