by Mr. T on August 25, 2013

Anna Kendrick

Kendrick's best known for her roles as George Clooney's sidekick in “Up in the Air” and “Pitch Perfect,” but she's slowly raising her profile into the Alison Brie level of fan favorites. Kendrick's shoot for GQ online shows she's smuggling some nice curves under those clothes. A little cleavage never hurt anybody.

Paulina Gretzky

The Great One's daughter might as well be known as the Queen of Instagramshe's always posting half-naked photos on the social media platform. Naturally, she broke news of her engagement through the same method of communication.

Will new fiancée PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson be okay with her continuing to be so risqué, now that he's locked her down? We'll just have to see how meaningful the ring really is.

Maria Sharapova

We all remember when Chad Johnson changed his last name to OchoCinco. It was part publicity stunt, part ego boost. When word leaked that Sharapova was going to change her name to Sugarpova for two weeks to sell her line of candy, we knew she was selling out.

Karma's a bitch. This week, Sharapova pulled out of the US Open with a sore shoulder soon after the news broke. But she still looks as sweet as sugar…

Kate Beckinsale

It's a slow week for news, so we might as well celebrate a cougarific MILF. So here's Beckinsale in a bikini. And here she is again in another bikini. It’s almost criminal that she’s 40 and looks like this. Our future wives will never live up to this.

Lindsey Duke

We're willing to bet you haven’t watched many college football games featuring Central Florida if you didn’t attend the school, and you probably don’t plan on watching too many this year.

Other than having Storm Johnson on your college fantasy football team, here’s another reason to check out their games: Lindsey Duke. Who is she exactly? She’s banging the starting quarterback, she looks great in a bikini, and she’ll obviously be shown plenty of time on the sidelines.