by J. Camm on April 1, 2014


In the event that you didn’t already know this (I honestly did not), Ted Mosby’s daughter’s real name is Lyndsy Fonseca and nine years ago she and her fake TV brother shot all their scenes for How I Met Your Mother. Yes, even the final scene that ended the show (I won’t spoil it and I have no idea how they kept quite all this time either). Fonseca is now 27-years-old and she’s blossomed into a complete dime. Take a look for yo’self.

lyndsy-fonseca-1 (1) lyndsy-fonseca Lyndsy-Fonseca-1


 via Maxim

And here’s a video of her eating ice cream in the most sexual way possible, because ‘Merica and stuff.

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