by Stevie Chay Vaughan on December 12, 2012

As we look back, we thought it was a fine time to rank and recap at the hottest, most viral babe GIFs of 2012. To the surprise of, well, no one, Kate Upton made the list a whopping four times. What can we say? It was her year. I think we all can agree she owned 2012.

20.Hayden Paenttiere on “Nashville” GIF (Via)


19. Ashley Sky dancing GIF (Via)


18. Alex Morgan for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue GIF (Via)


17. Michelle Jenneke dancing in the rain (Via)


16. Kate Upton getting splashed by water topless GIF (Via)


15. Julie Bowden dancing GIF (Via)


14. Olvia Wilde in the GQ Britian Comedy Issue GIF (Via)



13. Jennifer Lawrence on Jay Leno GIF (Via)


12. Emma Watson Dancing on Jimmy Fallon GIF (Via)


11. Kate Upton Easter Bunny GIF (Via)


10. This Hot Babe GIF (Via)


9. Jiggly Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow GIF (Via)


8. Katie Sunshine hula hooping to “Wagon Wheel” at a music festival GIF (Via)


7. Alison Brie being Alison Brie GIF (Via)


6. Melanie Iglesias being Melanie Iglesias GIF (Via)


5. Hot girl hula hooping GIF (Via)


4. Kate Upton dancing on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot GIF (Via)


3. Michelle Jenneke's warm-up routine GIF (Via)


2. Flip Cup GIF (Via)


1. Kate Upton Doing the Cat Daddy GIF (Via)


Honorable Mention: (Via)

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