by BroBible Staff on January 22, 2013

Via RSVLTS: 100 Greatest Brooklyn Decker Pics + GIFs of All Time


SNL's Hilarious Starbucks Verismo Spoof, via Clip Nation:


Top 10 Funniest Unknown People You Should Follow on Twitter, via Heavy:


Sex Addiction Is A Myth (From A Guy Who's Been There), via YourTango:


Actual Advice Mallard: New Meme You Should Know, via Guyism:


Skate Upton, Brah…. Via RSVLTS:


20 Dumbest Things About Going To Sporting Events, via TruTV:


The Onion As Misinterpreted On Facebook, via Mandatory:


Five Talented Actors We Wish We Knew Nothing About, via Unreality:


On Its 30th Birthday, Hooters Is Going Straight Edge With A Family Makeover via Uproxx:


The 10 Best Best Friends of All-Time, via College Humor:

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