by BroBible Babes on May 20, 2014


Bros: Last week Bread Foster broke down the 5 Reasons Why Bros Should Take Yoga Classes. Impressing chicks is pretty high on the list. Today our buddies at Guyism found the very best thing you’ll see on the Internet today, hands down. This is YouTube yoga hottie KinoYoga doing what’s called a “Frog-Split” yoga stance. The pics + GIF are the hottest thing EVER….

Going to need a second after checking this out…

Kino-Yoga-1-640x323 Kino-Yoga-2-640x349 Kino-Yoga-3-640x350

Here’s the GIF, to make your life complete, via Guyism:



And the video, in case you’re old school like that:

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