by Mr. T on December 9, 2013

Kiira Korpi

The Winter Olympics are only two months away. Let’s be honest, you’re not traveling to Sochi to watch them, so you’ll be seeing most of the action on TV. Hopefully you’ve got a 40+ inch HD TV to catch Korpi’s cute face and tight body during the women’s figure skating competition. She’ll wear a tight outfit to impress the male judges if she knows what’s good for her. I honestly have no idea if she’s a terrible competitor (Norway isn’t necessarily known for their figure skaters), but she better not suck. We need to see as much of her as possible and a decent effort will mean TV time and possibly a bikini shoot to capitalize on her short window of opportunity. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Olivia Harlan

Meet Olivia Harlan, a Hot and Awesome UGA Sportscaster Who Might Be the Next Erin Andrews

Everyone in SEC country is happy that they have a representative in the national title game. It’s funny how they unite together to support their conference more so than any other group of teams I’ve seen. You’d never see a Patriots fan rooting on the Jets or a Dodgers fan rooting on the Giants. Harlan is someone I can understand and the rest of America get behind. She’s a hot sideline reporter for the University of Georgia who’s clearly destined for great things? Why, you ask? Because she’s hot and she can speak. What more do we need from a sideline reporter other than those two qualities?

Gal Gadot

Ten years from now we might be on our fifth generation of Superman based on how often they’re recreating it. The newest generation will showcase a not-yet-titled Superman vs. Batman film, which will make millions. More importantly, it will star Wonder Woman, played by Gadot. You’ll likely only know Gadot if you’re into the Fast & Furious movie franchise, since she’s been in the last three. But she’s a model, she’s hot, and I’m sure she looks really sweet in a tight, red costume. Israel really knows how to churn out these attractive chicks, don’t they?

Malin Akerman

MILFs are great, but can a 35-year-old MILF count? That’s a tough call, but I’ll give it the ok, especially since we’re talking about a hot blonde who’s recently single. Akerman is a combination of two of the greatest groups of women in the world, Swedish and Canadian. I’m not sure there could be a more perfect match. She looks quite fine given that her child is just seven months old, but her next man will like the child’s babysitter more than anyone else. Whichever direct thought of putting Akerman in a tennis outfit and having her bend over all the time for her filming of Trophy Wife clearly knew what he was doing.

Sarah Harding

You probably know about Cheryl Cole by now because she’s hot and had a quick failed sequence as a judge on The X Factor. Cole’s initial rise to fame came because she was a member of the British girls' group called Girls Aloud. It turns out there are other hot chicks in this group as well. Harding was one of the others and she certainly isn’t bad to look at, especially when she’s showing panties and sideboob at Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Woman of the Year event. Everyone loves a little sideboob at their event.

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