by BroBible Babes on April 3, 2014


Coming soon to a movie theater near you: Jason Segel makes a sex tape with Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape, a raunchy comedy from the same guy who made Bad Teacher. Based off the red-band trailer, the highlights include one-liners and zingers about doing-the-nasty on camera and having it uploaded to all your friends with iPads.

Besides the insane plot detail of Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz giving their mailman — and everyone else they know — an iPad as a present, the real highlight is Cameron Diaz looking Vanilla Sky-era Cameron Diaz hot. It’s almost like she never stopped dating A-Rod or something.

Those ass shots bring be back to the days of her peak hotness: 2002, when she went on SNL and opened with a monologue about having a butt choreographer (Will Ferrell!) and then proceeded to shake her ass everywhere live on network TV. The early ’00s were a hoot.

Nice to have that booty back in our lives, Cameron.
[H/T: Uproxx]
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