by Reggie Noble on July 3, 2012

Art imitates life, so the striptease is a cinematic staple. Here are 13 of our favorite scenes celebrating this pre-mating ritual.

Kim Basinger — “9 1/2 Weeks”

Lindsay Lohan — “I Know Who Killed Me”

Penelope Cruz — “Nine”

{pagebreak}Jessica Biel — “Powder Blue”

Elizabeth Berkley — “Showgirls”

Jessica Alba — “Sin City”

Rebecca Romjin — “Femme Fatale”

{pagebreak}Demi Moore — “Striptease”

Jamie Lee Curtis — “True Lies”

Salma Hayek — “Dusk till Dawn”

Salma Hayek — “Dogma”

Elisha Cuthbert — “The Girl Next Door”

Natalie Portman — “Closer”

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