by BroBible Staff on August 29, 2013

Both of these new drinks pack in the punch and go down smooth thanks to high-quality ingredients. They’ll make you regret ever trying any other tequila – and we all know what that’s like.

This package has all you’ll need to turn your card game into an unforgettable event, including a portable table for all your friends and pro-quality chips to stack while you win. This thing is a real beaut: stainless steel cupholders and more bells and whistles than you can name. It will put your current playing surface to shame.

All told, it’s a $1,000 value. And it can be yours for free. Here’s how:

Tarantula Tequila is no stranger to high risks and high rewards. Their new 100-proof offerings aren’t your typical spirits. They’re for the discerning man with a sophisticated palate and a thirst for more.

Check out the company's Pinterest and Instagram pages for more mouth-watering information, and GOOD LUCK. 

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