by Andy Moore on May 18, 2013

Pucs, $38

Pucs are re-chillable cubes of stainless steel that'll make you “above” ice. They work with fountain drinks, but they really shine when getting scotch to the right temperature—your liquor won't be diluted by water any more.

Shellback Carribean Rum, $16 

Tried this relatively new brand of silver and spiced rum for the first time this week. It contains a vanilla undertone, a smooth finish, and it makes for a killer Mojito. (Put a Puc in it!)

Brooklyn Board Shorts, $74

From Brandon this week:

The makers of Brooklyn board shorts did a little research in the Garment District to figure out how to make a badass pair that's distinctly designed, cut, sewn, and finished by the Broest of the Bro fashion designers and manufacturers in New York City. In his own words, this is what makes Brooklyn Surf Shorts so damn great:

Timeless cut: not booty cutters, not baggy.  Just a great fit that will look great on any guy with any body type
Functional: Super comfortable fabric, big pockets to stash your stuff and a drawstring waist let you wear them anywhere.
Colors: Classic colors that look like real shorts and don't scream “I'm going to the beach” or “hang ten, dude.”
Made in NYC: This is our favorite.  The shorts will be cut, sewn and finished by NYC artisans.

Personally, I dig the cut: Just above the knee with a slight taper and a small side slit for increased comfort and flexibility. I think we can all agree that flappy shorts that hang over the knee are NOT BRO. In fact, they're just plain slobby. Bros aspire to look crisp, not like fist-pumping douchebags. Hence the rabid success of brands like Chubbies.

To get the label off the ground and a consumer reality, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Brooklyn Board Shorts. You'll get a pair if you pledge $74 or more. Go check it out.

Polygon Art Movie Wall Mural, $50

Polygon now makes massive, larger-than-Fathead murals of popular movie characters like The Joker, Django, and the possibly mentally retarded character Ryan Gosling plays in Drive. These will look great on a white wall. 

Xronos Arcade Talking Clock, $225

From Thrillist:

Sporting arcade buttons and an oversized digital display, and housed in what would pass for a napkin dispenser from SBTB's The Max, the Xronos is a new, retro-style timekeeper that not only performs standard alarm clock duties, but also offers up the current temp, reads time & date aloud, lets you switch between 10 unique programmed alarm sounds (e.g., a train, thunder, police siren…), or replace those with custom tones/audio by uploading to an included micro SD card.


(This is really for the man who has EVERYTHING, and wants a talking clock in his life.)

Champion C9 Apparel, $Various

Champion just released a new line of golf apparel for sale at Target. The pants are lightweight and the shirts look sweet. Most importantly, it's not going to hurt your wallet. Each item is vastly less expensive than competing pro shop brands.

Ashworth Shorts, $Starting at 55

Ashworth-sponsored golfers like Justin Rose and Sean O'Hair are speaking out against one of the great injustices in sports today: The PGA Tours' ban on shorts. A related petition has over 3,000 signatures. If you agree, sign here and pick up a pair of “tiny trousers” (the herringbone flat front pair looks nice) today.  

25 Amazon Items for Under, $1

You can buy a crimson pirate flag, a 1992 Manny Ramirez rookie card, AND a purple fedora all for under $1 on Amazon. More justification for getting Prime here.

The iFlask, $24.95

Want to surreptitiously drink liquor without giving off the impression that you use a 2006 Nokia phone? The iFlask offers an “extremely discreet designed” flask that holds up to five ounces of your favorite beverage. Look at that! The container that looks just like an iPhone. Graduation present?

Bea Arthur Topless Portrait, $1.9 Million

Start saving, kids. Nothing ties the room together like a nude portrait of Golden Girl Bea Arthur. The piece of art just went for $1.9 million at a New York City auction, and you better believe it'll fetch more if it ever appears on the open market again.

This really happened.

I don't understand art.