by Boatshoe Bobby on June 27, 2014


Can I interest you in a little shoe porn on this lovely summer Friday? Sure I can, because Nike just revealed the five new KD7 colorways.

According to Nike, Inc:

Kevin Durant’s seventh signature shoe fuses performance innovation with a creative narrative across five colorways that are based on the weather.

Nike designer Leo Chang created an innovative shoe for Durant that meets the needs of the reining MVP’s quickness, power and unpredictability, just like the forces of nature.

Creatively, Chang brought to life Durant’s on- and off-court insights through color-blocking, graphics and textures to tell stories that are both personal and inspired.

KD_WBF_2_large KD_WBF_1_large KD_CALM_BEFORE_THE_STORM_2_large KD_GLOBAL_GAME_1_large KD_GLOBAL_GAME_2_large KD_EASY_MONEY_2_large KD_35K_2_large

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