by Stevie Chay Vaughan on September 16, 2011

Most of us are hesitant to shop for clothes online, especially when you've never bought anything from the brand and you can't be certain how it will fit. In fact, next to pants, button-down shirts are one of the hardest fits to gauge. Will it be too slim? Too long? Too big? It can be a headache. 

From what we can tell you, the Bonobos shirts sent us, all fit true to form. They were not saggy`but they weren't Scotty Lavin slim either. Some of them were slightly longer than others, but the length is not a real issue or unmanageable.

The quality from our samples seems good. The shirts they sent were a variety of the brand's styles (oxfords, premium shirts, flannels, dress shirts) but none of them felt cheap. And they shouldn't because Bonobos shirts range in price from $78 – $98. 

In all, we give the button-downs at Bonobos a high passing grade. The sizes fit like you'd expect — without any surprises or odd design flaws — and although their prices might seem high, but they are comparable to J.Crew/ Vinyard Vines/Brooks Brothers and you get what you pay for with these shirts. And that isn't more evident than when they come out of the washer looking as good as they did when they went in. 

Click here to visit the Bonobos shirt shop

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