Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne Took a Shower Together

Kind of hot? Happy 22nd birthday, Selena.

Jennette McCurdy Knows You Are Masturbating to Pictures of Her

According to her Instagram captions.

Here’s Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Shotgunning the Shit Out of a Beer

How can you not love a chick who knows how to turnt up like this?

Playboy Model Bianca Beauchamp And Her Boobs Are Really Good At Making Workout Videos

We know you need something to get you through hump day.

Arianny Celeste Went to the Beach and Took a Bunch of Butt Selfies

You know what the best thing about blogging in the summer is?

I Promise This Is the Last Time We’ll Post About Lea Michele’s Butt

We've been going really really hard on the Lea Michele butt beat lately.

Bro Gets Spanked by Chrissy Teigen with a ‘Fraternity Paddle’

Yesterday was Belgium’s National Day, so last night I went to a dinner hosted by Stella Artois on Stone Street in Lower Manhattan.

Alexandria Morgan Running In Slow-Motion In a Strapless Bra Is a Thing of Goddamn Beauty

Alexandria Morgan running in slow-motion is never a bad idea and "Chariots of Fire" just ties the whole video together.

Miley Cyrus Posted An Instagram Photo Where She’s Topless And Only Wearing Shorts, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

She's just being Miley.

Lea Michele Just Shared Her Best Bikini Butt Instagram Pic Yet

We wish Lea Michele could go on vacation every week. Yesterday she impressed us, today she's making us drool.

Here’s an Instagram Pic of Kendall Jenner with… Chris Brown?!?!

No! No! No! No! Nooooo!!!!

This Alison Brie Bouncing GIF Is Fantastic

The dog days of summer are amongst us, Bros, and I sure could use an ice pop to cool down (I'm a big fan of

These Hotties in Work Out Shorts Are Da Bomb

Remember when people used to say "da bomb" all the time? Good times. That's what these ladies are...

Selena Gomez Rocked Some Serious Cleavage In Italy

Selena Gomez just doing her thing. Oh, yeah: It's her birthday today, Bros. Wish her a happy one.

Still on the Fence About Doing Lindsay Lohan? Let This Picture Persuade You.

It's delightful.

Bros, This SMOKING Hot Lingerie Model Just Made Her Own Dating Site So She Could Find A Boyfriend, Time To Sign Up

I think I'm in love.

Here’s Part Three of Our Award-Winning Coverage of Sasha Cohen’s Yoga Routine

Pulitzers for everyone.

Katherine Webb Spiced Her Honeymoon Up With a Fancy Bikini

Roll Damn Tide.

What the Hell Is Kendall Jenner Doing with DeSean Jackson?

Uh-oh.... Kris Jenner better watch who her kids are hanging around with.

Do You Like Hot Videos of Supermodels Working Out in Yoga Pants?

Victoria's Secret Angel Izabel Goulart enjoys Instagraming videos of her workouts and we enjoy showing them to you, the Bros of the world. Keep it

Lea Michele’s Butt Is Looking INCREDIBLE on Instagram These Days

Glee star Lea Michele is currently in Italy, cruising around Capri and doing the things glamorous people do when they go on a Roman holiday.

4 Reasons Porn Stars Are Nothing Like You Think

HEY! Let's take a closer look at people who are probably distracting you from work with sexual fantasies in an incognito browser window:

Elle Macpherson Is 50 Years Old and Looks Hotter Than Most Girls in Their 20s

Elle Macpherson tweeted this pic out earlier this week to remind the world that age is just a number.

Kim Kardashian Just Keeps Posting Booty-ful Pictures of Her T and A on Instagram

Always remember: Ray J hit it first.

Lady Gaga’s Nip Slip On Instagram: Accident Or Intentional?

That's not subtle.

Drunk Chick Gets In Vicious Fight With a Door

You come at the door, you best not miss.

Someone Took an Incredible Picture of Kim Kardashian’s Ass at the Beach

Damn... That is some rump. You've got to see this thing.

You’ll Never Guess How Many Vibrators Jenny McCarthy Has Burned Through

More than you, that's for certain.

What’s Up With Girls Dying Their Hair Weird Colors These Days?

Look, I get it: Chicks have been dying there hair weird colors as long as there's been Kool-Aid to make home-made dye out of.

Selena Gomez Got a New Tattoo, You Guys

Selena Gomez is all about that ink, getting a new tat from legendary New York tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy.