27 Simpsons Facts You Probably Don’t Know

"Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito!"

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Back Together And Really Creeping Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Back together ... at last?

Gilbert Gottfried Reading Bill Pullman’s ‘Independence Day’ Speech Is a Form of Torture If Listened to on Repeat

No. Just no.

Was Bill Cosby On Drugs During His Jimmy Fallon Interview? Because I Think Bill Cosby Was On Drugs.

What am I watching right now...

Here’s How I Ended Up Eating Pizza With Taylor Swift In Her Apartment Last Night

I assure you that this was not just some fever dream.

Rory McIlroy Destroyed Jimmy Fallon at Breaking Glass With Golf Balls, While Tiger Woods Just Hung Out

Tiger's having fun.

This Is What It Would Look Like If Michael Bay Took An Explosive Dump All Over Pixar’s ‘Up’

See what I did there? No? You will.

Mel Gibson May Or May Not Have Just Finished A Giant Coke Binger Right Before He Did This Interview


Amy Schumer Wore Granny Panties to Do Something That Wasn’t the Ice Bucket Challenge

Earlier this month I was at the Comedy Cellar when Amy Schumer dropped in for a surprise set on a […]

Punk Ass Justin Bieber Did an Ice Bucket Challenge Without Any Ice

What a loser.

Did Chris Pratt Make the Best Ice Bucket Challenge?

If you're going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, you might as well get drunk doing it.

25 Great Quotes from Bad Sports Movies

You'll never get the two hours back from watching these movies, but damn if these quotes don't make it worth it.

Weird Video Game Sex Confessions

Nerds have hormones too, according to this video.

Here Is Alison Brie as ‘Muffy the Vampire Slayer’ Before She Became Famous

Like the rest of the Internet, we're big Alison Brie fans around here.

5 Must-See Electric Zoo Debuts

Electric Zoo is almost here!

Lewis Black Demolished Rush Limbaugh on Facebook Over His Comments About Robin Williams

Lewis is less happy than usual.

Sylvester Stallone Tells Story of How His Hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Him Do ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’

Got to respect his thirst for competition.

Watch Conan O’Brien Get Angry After He Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And No One Pays Him $100

You've got it backwards there, Coco.

You’ll Never Believe How Much Money Scott Disick Spent on Chicken Fries at Burger King

How much weed did he smoke before buying these?

According to Martin Lawrence, ‘BAD BOYS 3′ is Happening!!!

We ride together...we die together. Bad boys for life.

Watch What Happens When A Magician Tries To Sell Weed To A Cop

Magic + Drugs = Fun!

A Geeked-Out Taylor Swift Joined Jimmy Fallon in His Latest Installment of ‘Ew!’

Hi, Taylor.

George R.R. Martin Said Some Of The Fan Theories About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Are True And That The Ending’s Been Guessed

Time to start reading the message boards.

Let This Supercut Of Stephen Colbert Smushing His Hands Around On A Calculator Enlighten You On How Math DOESN’T Work

Wait...so you're saying that calculator DOESN'T actually work?

Atlanta Sportscaster Drops 22 Robin Williams Movie Titles Into His Report

Tough to do.

Conan O’Brien Tells a Wonderful Story About Robin Williams Buying Him a Bike

Conan O'Brien was visibly shaken on Monday night when the news of Robin Williams suicide broke.

Bro Proves That Comcast Is THE WORST, Gets Put on Hold for Three Hours

I think we all can agree that cable companies are evil entities with all sorts of malicious tricks up their sleeve to keep their customers

Jimmy Fallon Gets Choked Up During His Tribute to Robin Williams

Last night Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to the late, great Robin Williams on The Tonight Show.

Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Writes a Heartbreaking Goodbye to Her Father on Tumblr

Zelda Williams, Robin Williams' 25-year-old daughter, opened up on Tumblr this evening with a heart-felt goodbye to her father.

Let This Video Teach You Why Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Has Become A Steaming Load Of Crap

Dirty filthy liars over at the Discovery Channel.